The Worldwide Influence of Hybrid Supercars



The growth in popularity of hybrid cars has been perhaps the most notable development in the automobile world over the past couple of decades. The Toyota Prius led the way, an impressive car for city use that also carried a valuable badge about saving the environment, most manufacturers now have a hybrid model among their range. After all, the internal combustion engine is surely on its last legs; or is it?

There are many in the automobile industry who believe that, with the development of ever more efficient hybrid solutions, the life of the traditional engine can be extended, and it may surprise you to learn that much of the knowledge regarding hybrid technology has come not from the mass-produced models, but from limited run, exotic and highly advanced hybrid supercars.

Why McLaren Leads the Way

Think of supercars, and the old regular names spring to mind: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Porsche, for example. Yet, there is one brand that has forged a reputation as the leading name in technologically advanced supercars. McLaren has risen from being merely a racing team, to having a reputation as one of the most impressive supercar manufacturers of all. They benefit from specialist knowledge gained via their racing experience, and from the fact they deal only in low-volume production.

McLaren first entered the supercar world in the early 1990’s with the astonishing F1 – still regarded by many as the best driver’s car ever – and a successor was always going to be hotly anticipated. When the McLaren P1 was finally revealed, it was in fact a breath-taking moment, as this is by far the most advanced hybrid supercar yet made. The fact that McLaren has a technology arm that supplies parts to other manufacturers is significant, as this means that developments learned from the P1 are passed down to everyday models from other manufacturers, to the benefit of all.

Driving the McLaren P1

Reading about cars like the exotic and amazing McLaren P1 is one thing, but driving one is another. Of course, owning one is out of the question for all but a few very wealthy people – and all were sold pre-production – but you can drive one. How can this be so? Supercar hire is all the rage these days, and the McLaren P1 is just one of many examples of exotic, hybrid supercars that you can hire from the experts at Classic Parade. They have a vast range of supercars, luxury vehicles and classics that you can hire for whatever period you wish, and at surprisingly sensible prices.

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