World Cup nourishment ideas

worldcupAs the World Cup will soon be hosted by Brazil, the country that has itself become synonymous with the beautiful game, it seems appropriate to make a few food-related preparations for the big event.

But there are three factors to consider before we decide what we’re going to prepare. Firstly, the host country’s cuisine should be honoured, obviously. Secondly, it’s the height of the summer for the northern hemisphere – so the food should be appropriate for the season. And thirdly, and perhaps most importantly of all, half the world will be glued to the TV for all the games, so it’s essential to concentrate on portable tasty snacks that go well with TV and beer!

So how about starting off in São Paulo, the home of “pastel” which are snacks made of thin pastry envelopes with many different fillings, which are deep fried in oil and which can be eaten hot or cold. Pastel may be a good idea if you’re following Uruguay or England – as the two nations face each other in Sao Paulo on June 19th. Both countries look very good value for the tournament at around 33-1 each with Betfair to win.

Having a bet on the World Cup to go alongside your beer and spicy Brazilian snacks can really help hot up proceedings if you’re sitting in front of the TV for the games. Betfair enables gamblers to accept (or “lay”) bets as well as making them, which makes the whole thing more interesting. Currently, the biggest priced outsiders with Betfair are Honduras at odds of up to 6,000-1!

Another perfect World Cup snack, which is thought to have originated in the same city, is the famous coxinha or “little chicken thigh” in Portuguese. The v consist of shredded chicken, which is fried in batter then pressed into a shape that looks something like a chicken leg. This can also be eaten hot or cold and goes nicely with a cold beer!

If we look forward to the big event on 13th July, the World Cup final itself in Rio’s Maracana stadium, then perhaps it’s more appropriate to look at preparing grilled bovine fillet along with rice and beans as well as farofa and French fries. This whopping dish is known as “Filé à Osvaldo Aranha” in the city.

And this may be the way to go as it looks like the host nation will make the final – they’re currently around 3-1 favourites to win the tournament with Betfair, though England fans will be hoping fish, chips and mushy peas should be the order of the day.


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