Why Stone Baked Pizzas Have the Edge over Other Pizza




Cooking stones are a very effective, popular way of making pizza. In fact, they are the preferred cooking method for many pizzerias. Baking stones are flat, thick pieces of natural surface that come in many shapes and sizes. Cooking stones can ensure properly cooked pizza by maintaining a consistent temperature. These stones also absorb the right amount of moisture. This allows for a crisp, evenly heated pie.

How are Stone Baked Pizzas Made?

The process of¬†stone baked pizza¬†begins with preheating the baking stone. Once the stone is preheated it is seasoned with cooking oil or spray. Some cooks may use olive oil or bread crumbs for additional seasoning. Once the stone is heated and seasoned, the dough is placed onto the baking stone. It is recommended to preheat the crust before adding any toppings to the pizza. The pizza is placed into the oven and cooked until the cheese ‘bubbles’ and the crust is browned. Wood-fired ovens are considered to be the best ovens for stone baked pizza.

Why are Baking Stones More Effective?

Baking stones have an edge over other methods since they can absorb moisture from the pizza dough. This produces an evenly crisped crust. Metal baking pans tend to produce soggy, softer crusts as it does not absorb moisture as well. Thin, crisp crusts are often preferred over softer, doughier textures. Pizza cooked on baking stones also take less time to make as opposed to an aluminum or metal pans. Faster cooking times are valuable for hungry customers and families alike.

The Cleaning Process

Baking stones are also much easier to clean. When cleaning a baking stone, it is not recommended to use soap or any other solution. Baking stones can be cleaned by heating them in an oven and placed through an auto-cleaning cycle. Keep in mind that sudden changes in temperature can cause the stone to break. To prevent this, allow the baking stone to cool along with the oven. When the cycle is finished, wipe the stone with a dry cloth.

Consider Stone Baked Pizza

Baking stones can create the best tasting pizza when used properly. With fresh ingredients and consistent care, baking stones are a valuable asset for pizza making. Baking stones are versatile and relatively easy to use. Whether cooking at home or for your business, considering investing in a baking stone to make restaurant quality pizza.