What’s the Coffee Like in Columbia? Coffee Culture From Around the World!

Coffee is a drink that many people swear by. A nice cup of coffee can easily get you through the day, warming you up, and helping to wake you up at the same time. But have you ever wondered what the coffee tasted like in Columbia? We did, so we decided to research it! You’ll love what we found out. As there are lots of things that contribute to a great tasting coffee, you’ll find that they taste different all over the world. The soil, weather, and altitude can all play a part in how your coffee tastes! Here’s what we learnt about coffee from around the world:

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Coffee from Hawaii

There are coffee farms located all around Hawaii, but the most famous coffee of them all is Kona coffee. This coffee is grown on the slopes of a volcano, and afternoon shade from the clouds protect the trees located there from the hot sun. The island often experiences showers, making sure that the coffee gets just the right amount of moisture. Kona coffee tastes rich, and is very aromatic.

Coffee from Mexico

Mexico is one of the largest producing coffee countries in the world, with over 100,000 farms. You’ll find Mexican coffee offers a fabulous aroma and has a nice deep flavour, sometimes with a hint of sharpness.

Coffee from Puerto Rico

Coffee from Puerto Rico is produced only to the highest standard, so just about everybody can enjoy a cup here. You’ll find the coffee here with a nice balanced body and a slightly fruity aroma.

Coffee from Costa Rica

When you taste coffee produced in Costa Rica, you’ll notice a medium body paired with a sharp acidity. Many people describe the Costa Rican brew’s as being ‘perfectly balanced!’. They pay plenty of attention to quality here to ensure a fine blend. Find similar flavours in products offered by www.ksv.co.uk.

Coffee from Colombia

Colombia is world renowned for it’s delicious coffee, and they work very hard to keep up a high standard. They usually taste fairly mild, with a nicely balanced acidity. You’ll love the delicate, aromatic, sweet flavour!

Coffee from Brazil

Although the coffee from Brazil is often described as ‘mild’, you’ll never be disappointed with the brew’s here. They’re clear and sweet with a medium body and a low acidity.

Coffee from Ethiopia

Ethiopian coffee is nearly always wet processed, but offers a wonderfully bold flavour. Expect full flavour, earthy tones, and a full bodied beverage. Heaven!

Coffee from Yemen

You won’t find many places that produce coffee like Yemen! Order from a local cafe here and you’ll taste a distinctive brew, with plenty of rich flavours. Order a Mocha Java for a taste sensation that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Coffee is one of the world’s favourite hot beverages, but the different flavours and aromas you’ll enjoy from each country will amaze you. Make sure you try a coffee from every region if you ever decide to go travelling!

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