Victoria in London – A Place for All Art Lovers

Elizabeth Taylor was once quoted by Time Magazine as “a jewel of great price, a true star sapphire”. This renowned British-American actress made her London stage debut in The Little Foxes. Theatres, museums, historical monuments make up the architecture of Victoria, London. This place is named after Queen Victoria who was the first monarch to reign from the Buckingham Palace. The history of the place dates back to 17th Century, when it was a part of St. George Hanover Square.

A trip to Victoria is a chance for you to travel around some the world famous tourist attractions in London. The city offers several accommodation options for tourists. Acclaimed hotels near London Victoria Station, like Sidney Hotel London Victoria offer top class accommodation at a fraction of the cost. Central London Hotels near Victoria Station usually offer all modern facilities.


Top tourist attractions such as London Eye and the fashionable shopping store Harrods are also situated near these hotels. So, staying in one of these hotels would enable you to make the most your trip.

Arts in Victoria

Did you know that in the archetypal play, ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, baby earnest was deserted in a handbag in London Victoria Station? Art has been a crucial part of this district since its formation. If you choose to stay at a hotel near London Victoria Station, you will be able to take a trip several major tourist attractions, such as:

Theatre in Victoria, London:  Earlier known as Moy’s Music Hall, The Victoria Palace Theatre showcases some of the best musicals every year. Some notable productions of this theatre are Me and My Girl, The Crazy Gang, The Little Foxes, Charlie Girl, and High Society. This theatre is situated at Victoria Street. Apollo Victoria Theatre is another heritage which dates back to 1929. It has been hosting a series of well-received musicals like Camelot, Fiddler on The Roof, The Sound of Music. These musicals are a perfect blending of art and music. Watching a musical at these places would be enlightening as well as enjoyable.

Art Gallery: There is a display of altering items from the Royal collection in The Queen’s Gallery, located at Buckingham Palace. From the Period of the First Georgians to the education tour of Prince Wales everything is revealed through art. Art lovers will definitely find this place attractive.

Museum: There are many museums in and around this place. There are museums that showcase the history of Victoria, London. You can see several artefacts, the history of the Foot Guards and more.

Exhibitions: The Royal Albert Hall is a central hall designed to promote arts and sciences. It hosts music concerts, exhibitions, public meetings fulfilling the dream of Prince Albert (Queen Victoria’s Consort). Elizabeth Conference Centre is also known for its appealing exhibitions. It is a part of central London.

All these places are situated close to hotels near London Victoria Station. Pimlico Underground Station is not far away if you travel through Belgrave Road. So, you can also book hotels near Pimlico Underground Station.

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