Travelling tips: Taking your pet on holiday

Travelling tips Taking your pet on holidayYour pet is part of the family, so it’s understandable that you’d want to take them on holiday with you

Whether you’re planning on taking them abroad or on a short distance road trip; there are a few travelling tips that you need to know.

Travelling with your pet can be a stressful experience if you are not properly prepared, so here are some of the best travelling tips to ensure that you have the most relaxing and enjoyable experience with your pet as possible.

1. Make sure they’re insured

When you go on holiday, you are given the option to take out travel insurance; this is in case you suffer an accident or you fall ill while being away. It’s good to have some kind of protection in place in case something goes wrong.

The same applies for your pet: would you be able to afford vet bills if something happens while you’re away? If not, it would be worth taking out cheap pet insurance from More Than.

2. Take legal requirements into consideration 

If you’re planning on travelling abroad, there are a number of legal requirements you’ll need to follow. These apply if you are travelling with a dog, cat or ferret.

The PETS scheme enables you to travel with your pet without placing them in quarantine. However, they must be micro chipped, vaccinated against rabies, have been treated for tapeworm and fleas 24 hours before you leave and they will also need a pet passport which you can get from your vet.

3. Ensure you have emergency contact numbers

When you are travelling to a pet friendly holiday cottage/hotel, they will often provide you with the local veterinary surgery contact information. However, it is always worth doing a bit of research of your own so that you know exactly whom and where to call if anything should happen. Also, ensure you know where local pet stores are in case you need any further supplies.

These are just some of the things you need to consider before setting off on your holiday with your pet. Travelling with your pet needn’t be stressful; it is often cheaper to take them with you than it is to place them in kennels.


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