Top Things to Do in Paris on a Short Break

Do in Paris on a Short BreakParis has never been closer, thanks to the various ways to get there: you could fly or travel by train or coach and each method of transport varies in its speed and price.Which way you choose to travel can drastically affect your budget, so that you may have to decide between spending more on your travel and having less to spend on the break itself, or vice versa.

If you were to take the iDBUS London to Paris then you could pay a Mini Price of £33 during the pre-Christmas season, leaving you with a lot more to spend when you’re in Paris!Better still, if you are booking your short break at short notice, you won’t be penalised by iDBUS as their prices are fixed and so are the same low price whether you book in advance or at short notice.You won’t find that sort of bargain travelling by train or plane…

If you have the cash to flash when you’re in Paris, here are a few suggestions of the best things to see and do in Paris on a short break.We’ve included a few nice little extras that you could splash out on if you have managed to save on the cost of your journey by travelling with iDBUS London to Paris:

Take a sightseeing tour – by bus or on foot

Paris is a lovely city to walk around, and with a good guidebook you can take a walk along the Seine and around the various sites, reading and appreciating the history and significance of the sights.But a walking tour might not be an option if you have limited mobility, or if you are just pressed for time – you will see far more if you take a guided bus tour.Paris has a sightseeing tour bus that you can sit aboard whilst listening to a commentary (available in English) including all the little bits of local knowledge that you just don’t get on a self-guided tour.

Visit the Musée de l’Orangerie and the Musée d’Orsay

A quieter alternative to queuing to visit the Louvre you can spend time at l’Orangerie admiring works by Sisley, Picasso, Matisse and Renoir before visiting neighbouring d’Orsay to enjoy work by Monet and other impressionists.

Eiffel Tower

Stand beneath and look at this famous landmark … or if you have saved a packet on your travel with iDBUS then you could buy a ticket to get to the top – and admire the stunning views across the whole city.Walk up the stairs or take the lift.

Spend the Evening at St-Germain des Prés

Depending on how much money you have to spend, either spend hours sipping an espresso in a café to soak up the atmosphere that inspired many influential writers including Hemingway and de Beauvoir or splash out on some of the beautiful one-off pieces available to buy at the boutiques before treating yourself to some classic Parisian cuisine in any of the bistros.

Spend wisely on your travel and enjoy more on your break!

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