Top Romantic Things to Do in London

Millions of tourists visit London every year for different purposes. While some people visit the city for business purpose, others come with friends and families for leisure and fun. There is another group of tourists that come to London for a romantic stay in the city. Thankfully, London offers a range of serene destinations for romantic couples. Furthermore, there are many romantic things to do in the city. Some popular options include taking a stroll in Hyde Park or having a capsule ride.

Many of the romantic places of the city are located in Central London. That is exactly why it is important to plan your stay in Central London, preferably near London Passport Office or Gatwick Express. Finding a suitable hotel for your romantic holiday trip could be a daunting task. Ideally, you should look for an accommodation option that offers all modern facilities at bargain rates. The good news is that romantic hotels in London like Eccleston Square Hotel provide top class amenities at a fraction of the cost.


Ideas for Enjoying Romantic Holiday in London

  • Capsule Ride on London Eye – One great idea would be to take a private capsule ride on the London Eye. The panoramic view of city in the backdrop would simply set the mood for romance. You are sure to love the experience of seeing famous London attractions like Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace from a distance.  Staying at a hotel in Central London keeps you close to London Eye.
  • Dining Out at a Romantic Hotel in London – Are you planning to give her an engagement ring? Maybe you are on the lookout for a perfect venue where you can propose her. Well, one good idea would be to take her to one of the top romantic hotels in London. Consider choosing a hotel that has a French restaurant. You can propose her after having the dinner.
  • Take a stroll through Sloane Square – Walk through a park or a clam place in the evening, and it would be more romantic than you could imagine.  If you happen to stay in a hotel in Central London, the beautiful Sloane Square should not be far from your place. Consider booking your accommodation near Chelsea, so that you can stay near the River Thames.
  • Watch a show together – If both you and your partner love theatre, nothing could be more exiting that watching a live show in the national theatre. If you two are film buffs, consider catching an evening show in the nearby multiplex. You can even visit a museum, a zoo, or a library. Nothing is more important than spending some time together.

Although there are so many romantic things to do in London, you should plan what you want to do. This will help you enjoy more in a short span. Make sure that you board at a hotel in Central London. Staying near Victoria station would be a good idea, because it would enable you travel around the city quickly and conveniently.

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