Top 4 Museums to Visit in London for Free

London is a city of surprises. It has something for everyone. Whether you want to decode the history of this enchanting city or planning to explore art galleries, the city would not disappoint you. If you are visiting your kids, one good idea would be to visit the museums of the city.

Firstly, make sure that you book your hotel in Central London, because it would keep you close to many museums of the city. You will find several cheap hotels near Victoria Coach station. Staying near the station means that you are well connected with the rest of the city through train. Some cheap hotels in London Victoria like St. George’s Inn Victoria Hotel provide clean and comfortable accommodation at a fraction of the cost.


Four Museums That Will Mesmerize Your Soul and Intellect

London has a rich cultural background. You must have knowledge of the city’s exquisite history, if you want to experience the true essence of the city. Here are the four museums you should not miss.

  1. British Museums: It was established in 1753 and is the largest and the oldest museum. Its permanent collection has some 8 million works and the museum is dedicated to the human history and artifacts. It narrates and documents the evolution of the human culture from its beginning to the current stage. If you are visiting it for the first time, you will surely like the Rosetta stone, Lindow man, the mummies and in the room no. 64, the naturally preserved body from 3400 BC.
  2. Imperial War Museum: IWM as it’s popularly known showcases the unique collection of art that originated during World War I and World War II.  The wars have many stories to tell and so does this museum. It exhibits the machineries used in the war, the idea of the official communication, the war literature, and many artifacts related to the era.
  3. Tate Modern: It is located majestically on the banks of the river Thames and has a distinctive building due to the fact that it was previously a power station. It exhibits the modern and contemporary arts. The restaurant at the gallery here offers a mesmerizing view of the city. The entry is free here but special exhibitions have tickets. The lasting collected work consists of Rothko, Matisse, Twombly, Bacon and Beuys
  4. Victoria & Albert Museum: The V&A as it’s famously called is the house of the world’s greatest compilation of decorative arts. It showcases the collection in the varied fields of architecture, ceramics, drawings, portrait miniatures, jewelry and photography.  We strongly recommend visiting the British Galleries dated 1500-1900, which is a chronological arrangement to track the history of British design from the sovereignty of Henry VIII to that of Queen Victoria.

We recommend planning in advance while you visit this enchanting city. You can start early and book a hotel online from a diverse collection of Cheap and Budget hotels in London Victoria or you can opt for cheap hotels in London Victoria. Once your stay is taken care of, you can easily decide upon the connectivity from London Victoria Station or Victoria Coach Station and can take up Gatwick Express or any other mode of transportation, depending upon the availability. While you visit these museums, we also recommend visiting Belgrave, London Aquarium, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham palace, London Eye and Royal Albert Hall, as this will add more fun and variety to your vacation.

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