Top 3 Cities With The Best Food Scene


Top 3 Cities With The Best Food Scene

Whenever you go to a new location, you will want to experience as much of the local flavor as possible. This is not only referring to the culture and lifestyle, but also the food. For some travelers, a high-quality meal is the defining purpose of going to a new destination, because what can compare to a world class dish?

So, with that in mind, let’s take a mini tour of the best food cities in the country. When traveling to these places, be sure to utilize free weather apps so you aren’t trudging through rain or snow (or humidity).

Charleston, South Carolina

When most people think of the South, they imagine a lot of barbecue and meat dishes. However, Charleston will surprise you with the level of diversity it has to offer. What makes this city so incredible for foodies, is that you get a mix of old American culture and history blended with new cooking styles and traditions. Use your iPhone weather app to determine the best season to come for seafood.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’ve never been to “N’awlins”, then you have never experienced the laissez-faire lifestyle that the city has to offer. This culture permeates everything, from the buildings to the food. You can get some delicious dishes while watching the sunset. Here, you want to take your time and enjoy everything right. Plus, you can get the best Creole food anywhere, and that’s an experience in itself.

Portland, OR

While the Pacific Northwest has more niche audiences this means that you get some of the best quality food for your money. The city on the river is host to numerous new restaurants that feature exciting, bold flavors that you can’t imitate anywhere else. Also, be sure to check out the thriving food cart scene if you prefer your plate to go.

Overall, the best cities for food are those where people have a passion for cooking (and eating). To truly become the best, a city has to offer something that you cannot find anywhere else. Don’t forget to use free weather apps to your advantage as well. Bon appetite!