Top 2014 Holiday Locations For Serious Foodies

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No matter how skilled you are with a frying pan, opting to tailor your 2014 holiday around some of the world’s most stunning culinary destinations could be the best decision you make this year. If you’re spending time away from home and having to eat food at restaurants anyway, then why not select the nations that are famous for producing the tastiest grub imaginable. You never know; this could be the beginning of a new chapter in your life, a new chapter where you follow food around the globe in search of the perfect dish. Will you ever find it?…… Does it really matter?

I’ve personally been to every single location on this list, and so I know for certain the food there is truly amazing. Of course, it’s always wise to make a plan around which restaurants you’d like to try before traveling, because some of them will be quite far apart, and so car hire etc, may be required. Still, if you’re a real foodie and in search of the best meals our planet has to offer, this is only a minor hindrance that can be overcome pretty easily. So, have a read through my suggestions and get booking!

Moscow, Russia

Up until the 1990’s, very few western tourists took the time to visit Russia, probably because of the Cold War taking place over the previous decade. Still, things are now on the rise and last year alone, over 70,000 British people took the time to travel here and try the nation on for size. One of the most common reports from people coming back home relates to the culinary delights. There are around 3,000 restaurants in Moscow, some better than others. Even so, if you take the time to ask local people their opinions, you’re certain to find somewhere truly amazing close to your accommodation (which can be booked through reputable websites like

Istria, Croatia

I was shocked when asking friends that most people can’t even point to Croatia on a map. This is strange really, but probably has something to do with their lack of interest in global politics. You see; any country that managed to keep themselves out of the petty squabbles that go on around the world tends to get overlooked in the international media. Still, you could do a lot worse than visiting Croatia, particularly if you’re looking to try some different dishes. Here you’ll find mainly seafood inspired concoctions, guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Coastal, Lebanon

Now, I realise that most people will cower back at the idea of taking a holiday in Lebanon, but in truth, they’re just ill educated. There are obviously a lot of problems in this Israel-bordering country for the obvious reasons, but most of it is completely safe for western travellers, and indeed, there’s some very luxurious areas to the south. Again, the people of this nation love their seafood, so expect to find everything the ocean has to offer served with locally sourced fruits and vegetables in that unique Lebanese style everyone’s been talking about.

So there you have it readers. If you can’t arrange an amazing foodie holiday to one of these locations, then you might as well just give up and go home.

Have fun, wherever you end up going!

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