The Very Best Norwegian Cuisine

The Very Best Norwegian CuisineUnsurprisingly, considering its location, Norway’s cuisine draws mainly from a Scandinavian influence. Due to the fact that it is surrounded almost entirely by water, Scandinavian food is predominantly consistent of seafood, with Norway’s food being no different. Unlike other Scandinavian countries, however, Norway’s food also has a strong focus on game as well, because of its mountain region. Norwegian cuisine is renowned for being among the best in the world and, what’s more, it’s incredibly healthy, with Norwegian people being some of the healthiest in Europe. Here’s the pick of some of the very best Norwegian cuisine:


If you’re in a country surrounded by the sea, you expect your seafood to be fresh, and that’s exactly what you get in Norway. On average, it is believed that Norwegian people eat seafood 4-5 times a week and, with the range of fresh produce available, you can see why. In Norway, you can find a vast array of salmon, cod and lutefish and you can have it served however you would like. Whether you’d like fish soup, casserole, pickled or marinated, Norway has an option for you. Here’s just a small selection of Norway’s fish recipes so you know what to expect when you’re there.


Whether you fancy duck, goose or even reindeer, Norway has a wide variety of game based meals to suit every taste. Usually served with raspeballer (boiled potato balls) or grønnerterstuing (stewed green beans), these Norwegian recipes are sure to not disappoint.

Breakfast in Norway

Whereas most Norwegian food is similar to what you’d expect in the UK with a slight Norwegian twist, breakfast in Norway is an entirely different experience, and once more is heavily dependent on seafood. Fish and eggs are the staple of any Norwegian breakfast, with pickled herring a must taste experience. It’ll certainly awaken your taste buds after an early rise.

Norwegian Desserts

Despite people from Norway being some of the healthiest in Europe, Norwegian desserts have an incredibly high percentage of butter in them and, whether you’re having pancakes filled with berries, Norwegian crispy butter cookies or pretzels, it is highly likely that you’re eating something that’s far unhealthier than you’d imagine. When in Norway, always approach desserts with caution- or you could come back a stone heavier.

Of course, there’s much more to experience in Norway than just the food. When you’re there, visiting the Northern Lights is an absolute must and you really need to insure that you’re getting out and about to see exactly what Norway has to offer. Naturally beautiful with exquisite food, Norway is the perfect place to visit in 2014.

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