The Sweet Delights of Singapore

The Sweet Delights of SingaporeA few years ago I met 2 lovely lady travellers from Singapore, they were journeying through Europe and enjoying the many sights and places they had seen. I got talking to them and found they had a wonderful love for their own country, so I promised myself that one day I would take a trip and see Singapore for myself. Here is a synopsis of the information I had read before travelling to Singapore – Singapore is a cluster of over 60 islands with the largest one being the most populated. Close to the Malay Peninsula Singapore is an ex British sovereign state that gained independence in 1963. Upon arrival in Singapore I found out there is so much more to this modern country than you can find out on the internet, and is definitely an exotic travel destination

Singapore is a vibrant and relatively young country, with a population of around 5 million people, you will find that English is widely spoken as well as Malay, Chinese and some Tamil. The people in Singapore are friendly, full of life and energy and obviously proud of their beautiful country. They also love food – and who wouldn’t when there is so many delicious dishes available. All across Singapore you can find street vendors and open air markets offering the most amazing food, it has been said that the residents of Singapore class eating as a national pastime. The choices of dishes to eat are hugely varied and in talking to local people I found out that it can be cheaper to dine out every day than cook at home. I even got to try the national fruit of Singapore which is the durian while I was there, but like many westerners I was not too keen on this strange smelling fruit, I’m told it’s rather an acquired taste!

Hybrid foods are a big thing in Singapore, with my particular favourite being a blend of Chinese and Malay, named Peranakan style, Kari lemak ayam is a chicken curry with a rich coconut milk base that is simply divine. For more information on food in Singapore and where to eat take a look at Makansutra, which is one of the best sites on the internet for food lovers in Singapore and can even tell you which are the best markets to eat at. The aroma’s coming from the street vendors or hawkers as they are known really do get your taste buds working, as well as local dishes you can also find many western food stuff in Singapore. If you are a fan of desserts and sweets then you will not be disappointed in Singapore but watch out for those sneaky calories. As with many Asian countries you will find many dishes are served with noodles or rice

There is plenty to do and see in Singapore, music, theatre, ballet and performing arts feature highly in the year round programme of events. Sports lovers can indulge themselves and get energetic in the tropical rainforest climate, where the temperatures rarely change from a balmy 30 degrees C and humidity is around 80%. Water sports are available and popular – Kayaking, sailing, water skiing and scuba diving are among the best you can find anywhere in the world. Ideal if you would like to try and work off a few of those extra calories consumed in Singapore! This post was written by Ryan, who has his own blog over at

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