The Food Lovers Guide to Travelling Europe

The Food Lovers Guide to Travelling EuropeAs you can imagine there are a huge number of delicious food experiences to be had throughout Europe, so making a shortlist of these is definitely a challenging task. With many cultures adapted over many hundreds of years Europe is a foodies paradise, with a million different ways to eat the different foods that are on offer throughout the many countries that make up Europe. Here are 5 to kick you off on your food lovers guide to Europe.


If you love olive oil and seafood then Spain is the place for you. The Spanish are pretty good at doing cured meats and cheeses but Spanish seafood is some of the world’s best, with their anchovies some of the most sought after in the world. Eating delicious olives, and olive oil, while sipping delicious wine; with the scent of olive oil all around you, is one of the most glorious ways to while away an afternoon in Spain.


If there is one thing they know how to do in Belgium its make chocolate. If dessert is one of your favourite meals of the day then Belgium should definitely be high on your list of countries to visit. Their use of cream is second to none, and is responsible for a lot of their delicious desserts and chocolates. If you are a beer lover then Belgium is a great place to drink some of the tastiest beers in the world.


While heavily influenced by Italian cuisine, the French know how to do two things really well – make cheese and wine. They are masters at matching wines with food, and have some of the most delicious dishes invented to date, which is expected after a history that spans such a long period of time. In France you will find a wine for every occasion, whether it is to compliment a meal, to enjoy with cheese, or to sip in a café as you watch the world go by.


Georgia, a country mostly unknown to many travellers, was a part of the Soviet Union until it broke away in 1991. Here, in this country that borders the Black Sea, you will find a huge range of culinary delights, which bely its small size. Celebrating its local ingredients the country boasts delicious dishes utilising walnuts, eggplant, kidney beans, pomegranate, cheeses and meats and is a great place to stop and try something different.


While mostly being known for its somewhat stodgy foods, Germany has been doing it for hundreds of years and has perfected many of its dishes to beyond perfect. While many may think that it is all strudels, pretzels, sausages, noodles and potatoes, they do it at its best, so why not check out where all these delicious foods began. If you are worried about the heaviness of the food, a bike ride or a long walk in the surrounds will soon have you feeling hungry again. For info about cruises to any of these areas check out

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