The Best Places to Invest in a Home Abroad


While there are lots of benefits to living in the UK, the weather typically isn’t one of them and so it’s unsurprising that many people in the UK like to buy property abroad, especially when it can serve a variety of purposes. For example, the same house may start out as a combination of investment property and holiday home and eventually become a retirement home.

With the entire world to choose from, literally, the fact still remains that many of the most popular places for UK buyers to invest overseas are actually quite close to the UK, making for easy connections between your former home and your new home. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to three of the top locations in Europe for investment property for sale whether it’s for retirement, a holiday home or for long term investment.


Although Spain and Italy remain popular with UK buyers, for many good reasons, the fact that they are currently both undergoing some degree of political turbulence has helped to make France look a more attractive option. One of the great attractions of France is its varied lifestyle options, from Paris, one of the chicest cities in the world and linked by train to the UK, to the Mediterranean and the mountains. Affordability obviously varies, with Paris, regional capitals and popular tourist/retirement destinations tending to be the most expensive places to live and the more central, inland areas, tending to have options which are both attractive and very affordable.


Having spent years in the shadow of its larger neighbour, Spain, Portugal is finally stepping very firmly into the limelight and is now punching well above its weight in a number of areas, including popularity with international home buyers. Although the Algarve remains the most popular area for UK buyers of property for sale in Portugal, people who prefer a city lifestyle might want to take a close look at Lisbon before it completely sheds its “hidden gem” status or, perhaps, get ahead of the crowd and look at second city Porto or even Madeira, both of which are becoming increasingly popular.


You may have to zoom in close to spot Malta on a map, even just a map of Europe, but for all Malta is just 122 square miles (316 km2) in size, it packs in all kinds of attractions from the historic and cultural to the natural to the modern, in the form of entertainment and leisure facilities. It’s also become something of an investment hotspot and not just for property investors. The country is in the EU and is politically and economically stable. Although Malta is geographically on the outer limits of Europe, its popularity as a retirement and tourist destination means that there are plenty of flights at reasonable prices.

Bonus pick – Florida U.S.A.

Obviously Florida is not in Europe, however it’s only about eight hours from the UK by plane and the huge tourist industry means that it is a real air hub, with everything that implies in terms of the frequency and cost of flights. While Florida is often portrayed as being a bit of a “plastic fantastic” tourist destination, this is largely due to the well-known presence of Disney. There is actually a whole lot more to Florida including fascinating history and spectacular countryside. It’s in an English speaking country and property is relatively affordable given everything there is on offer.