When to Take the Breakfast-in-Bed Option

BreakfastMany people say that their favorite part of staying in a hotel is the food. Everybody loves free food, and most everybody loves breakfast, making the complimentary breakfasts most travelers get when staying in a hotel is more than welcome.

There are different breakfast options to consider when traveling, however, and not just what kind of muffin to have. While the traditional standard of morning restaurant fare is the continental breakfast, other people choose to have breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed costs a little bit more than a continental breakfast, but it is not without its perks. Here are a few different times when you should skip the continental breakfast, and get your food in bed.

When you need relaxation

When traveling, at some point you’ll simply need to relax. You’ll want to turn off your alarm clock, and sleep until your body naturally wakes up. You’ll want to eat within the comfort of your own room, maybe while watching TV or reading a book. You won’t want to be in an uncomfortable chair in a chaotic room. At times like this, you want to get breakfast in bed. Most continental breakfasts have specific and limited hours, meaning you have to wake up in time to get your free food. Then, you usually eat it off of a paper plate, among a hundred other guests of the hotel. Free food is free food, but that’s hardly relaxing. Whether you had a long night the day before, are worn out from traveling, or just want to relax fully, breakfast in bed is perfect for the traveler seeking a little R&R.

When you are feeling romantic

Perhaps you’re staying at a hotel with a special someone, and you’re having a fun weekend away: what would be more romantic, eating in a hotel lobby, or eating in a bed next to each other? As relaxing as eating breakfast in bed can be, it’s even more fun with another person. Breakfast in bed can be the perfect gesture to your partner.

When you have work to get done

It may sound backwards to suggest that eating breakfast in bed is good for your productivity, but compared to hitting the continental breakfast, it really is. At the continental breakfast, you have to wait in line, and then eat in a loud and crowded area. When you opt for breakfast in bed, you can work until the second that the food is delivered to you, and then you can do light work — review files, read, etc. — while you eat. It’s the perfect way to ease into a workday, especially if you’re on a business trip.

When you need to treat yourself

Simply put, breakfast in bed is just nicer than the continental breakfast. So if you need to treat yourself, it could be the right option for you. Perhaps you’re on a business trip, and just had a great presentation; or maybe you’re traveling, and looking to take care of yourself. Either way, if you feel the need to do something sweet for yourself, stay in and get breakfast in bed.

Continental breakfasts are wonderful; there’s no denying that. But breakfast in bed is just a little better; and for the aforementioned scenarios, breakfast in bed is just what the doctor ordered.

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