Stuck For A Place To Eat On Holiday? Try These!


Dubai – Courtesy of Mispahn

Eating abroad can be an adventure in itself, especially if you’re in a foreign land that is as far away from the western world as possible. Being from the UK, we’re used to walking into a restaurant and either being greeted by staff and allocated a table, or we find a table and dive on it before anyone else does.

Abroad, it can be very different. With routines, that almost seem like trick questions designed to trip you up. You usually look at the restaurant’s exterior and think “Okay, it seems all right. Let’s check out the menu.”

Once you’ve decided that the menu sounds good enough, you venture inside. Now it’s down to the atmosphere, and within seconds you’re already checking that the exit is clear for a swift getaway, just in case you’re faced with something you don’t like. This kind of atmospheric disparity is normal when on holiday. Cultures are different, yes. But, people are different also. No two Italian restaurant, even in the UK, have the same kind of atmosphere. Just relax, and enjoy the ride.

But first, let’s have a look where to eat if you’re on holiday in these countries.

Dubai, UAE.

If your journey has brought you to the rich and glamorous destination of Dubai, you’re in for a treat.

Dubai is a city of endless possibilities when it comes to entertainment! From nightlife and theatre, to movies and fine dining. There’s a range of culinary choices all over Dubai that you should most definitely experience.

If you’re into your spices and diverse dishes, then you should head on over to Jambos Grill Dubai. The dishes are Swahili, which are well known for their delicious and exotic spices that leave customers wanting more.

Rome, Italy.

When you think of Italy, in terms of food, you think of spaghetti and pizza, right? Well, you’re half right. Grabbing a pizza or pasta dish in Italy is simple, because it’s their staple food. But finding the best, or one of the nicest places, is a different conversation altogether. A journalist from The Guardian asked a series of taxi drivers where the best place to eat was. They all pointed towards Pizzeria Remo. A true Roman establish using only the freshest ingredients for their seafood, pizza’s and pastas. So, next time you’re in Rome check out ‘Remo.’

Madrid, Spain.

If you’re a fan of seafood then Spain is the place for you – the people can’t get enough! But finding the right place, especially in a city as vast and culturally diverse a Madrid, isn’t easy. But you’re in luck; the hunt for the best Spanish cuisine establishment has been done for you. Check out La Corral de la Moreria if you’re looking for a place to dine and dance. Based on table booking, this flamenco themed restaurant is without a doubt Madrid’s most popular. Excellent Spanish folk music accompanied by some quality Spanish food for the perfect night out.

So, when your stomach is growling after a tough day of sightseeing and exploring, be sure to head on over to the restaurants mentioned for a taste of the local cuisine.

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