Seattle For Foodies


Seattle is the mecca of the NW for great food. As a result there are many wonderful food themed events and places in Seattle that need to be visited, to be experienced. As a foodie you desire an experience to go along with your locally sourced smoked salmon, a Seattle classic, and this is the list for you.

The Waterfront

For numerous experiences and hands down some of the best seafood in the city check on the Seattle Waterfront. Over a mile of piers with restaurants ranging from upscale to kitschy. No matter where you go, though, you will be pleasantly surprised. This is not the Mid West where seafood is shipped in across the country, frozen and tasteless. Seattle is one of the busiest ports in the country and is home to the Alaskan fishing fleet from Deadliest Catch. Some of the freshest crab, salmon, oysters, clams, and more can be had in Seattle restaurants any time of the year. Even an old classic like Fish & Chips is new again with fresh salmon or freshly caught Alaskan pollock. Every foodie who comes to Seattle needs to experience world class seafood on the Seattle Waterfront.

Food Trucks

A recent arrival in the  Seattle culinary scene, the food trucks are an eclectic delight. Of course you can track them via social media but half of the experience is traveling around and seeing a truck selling nothing but gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Far from being the only thing, some of the best Mexican tacos in the city are in the food trucks as are the best pulled pork sandwiches. These trucks operate across the region and offer great food on a budget and are worth seeking out.

Ballard SeafoodFest, July 7-9 

A Seattle tradition for over 40 years, Ballard is one of Seattle’s oldest and most vibrant communities. The vendors pack the streets of Ballard and sell delicious seafood of all types. You have oysters, crab, salmon, fish tacos, and more. Appreciate the delicacies of nature while live music and local craft vendors surround you. Take in a salmon BBQ and enjoy one of the many fine selections of NW craft beer from the accompanying BeerFest. This Seattle experience is one a Foodie should not miss.

Bite of Seattle, July 21-23

Every year at the Seattle Center you can feast upon the Bite of Seattle. Whatever your age, whatever your foodie guilty pleasure, you will be able to enjoy it here. You can find high end food from many of Seattle’s best restaurants with associated wine pairings. Or you could enjoy ethnic foods from the diverse spectrum ethnicities present in Seattle. The people, food, and opportunities are incredible at the Bite of Seattle. The foodie in you should be doing backflips for joy at all the delicious and exotic food that can be experienced and sampled in one convenient location. Admission is free.


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