Review of Crown Casino Mahogany Room Restaurant

Crown Casino Mahogany Room RestaurantThe world of casinos has become huge, with people flocking in their millions to casinos across the world each year, the facilities at such casinos are becoming constantly improving, none more than casino restaurants. Many of the top casinos also offer dining alongside the slots and table games, with
one such example being Crown Casino in Melbourne. Home to the Mahogany Room Restaurant,this casino is regarded by many as one of the finest places to eat in that city – an impressive accolade for a venue in a city boasting so
many fine restaurants. The Mahogany Room is found inside the Crown Casino
complex and so unfortunately you will need to be a member of the casino to
dine here.

However given the quality of the food, paying the membership fee is no
gamble. If you’d rather not pay the membership fees just for the food then
you can always play at a site like and whisk up
your favourite meal to compliment.

With the Mahogany Room being open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a
week, it is ideal for anybody wanting to take a break from the blackjack or
slots at the casino. It is worth noting that there are two menus, with the
full menu being available between 12 and 3 p.m. (lunch) and 6 p.m. and 1 am
(dinner). Lighter meals are on offer along with snacks throughout the day.
The main menu offers a variety of meals that is the equal of the slots and
table games offered at the casino, and ranges from seafood and steaks to
quail and a healthy choice of eastern cuisine.

When looking at the menu at the Mahogany Room there really are too many
great meal choices to recommend. For the high roller you might be able to
stretch to the $170 wagyu steak. Those whose budgets won’t quite stretch
that far – most people to be fair – will surely enjoy the regular steaks
priced at around $30-$50. Desert at the Mahogany Room are also worth a try
(generally within the $15-$35 range), including fantastic Movenpick ice
cream or the restaurant’s own speciality: the Mahogany Cheese Selection. In
terms of beverages, soft drinks come as complimentary for members, while
alcoholic ones come at bar prices.


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