Restaurants You Should Visit in Atlanta

Breakfast at a CafeWhen visiting a new city, one of the most enjoyable things to do is to go out to eat. However, choosing a restaurant that offers food that is unique to that city is even more delightful. When visiting Atlanta, here are some restaurants you should consider that take advantage of Atlanta’s regional cuisine:

Terrace Bistro

The Terrace Bistro focuses on farm-to-table dishes. The restaurant offers a lunch and dinner menu, both of which focus on a fusion of flavors that come from organic sources and local farmers and fishermen. A favorite starter at Terrace is the Artisanal Cheese Plate, and the Fresh Catch-of-the-Day is always a delicious entrée option, as are the famous crab cakes. You can even opt for a grass-fed burger. If you are just dropping in for lunch, consider the grilled-cheese sandwich paired with a hearty soup.

Prices at Terrace Bistro are quite reasonable, with entrees in the $10 to $20 price range. Reservations are not necessary.

The Colonnade

The Colonnade offers traditional Atlanta dishes that incorporate a truly authentic southern style. Founded in 1927, the Colonnade is a historical restaurant where diners can order fresh gulf shrimp, chicken fried chicken, a slow roasted pork loin, or try their hand at fried or broiled liver. Monday through Friday, the Colonnade is open for dinner starting at 5:00 PM; Saturday and Sunday they open their doors early at 12:00 PM.

Mary Mac’s Tea Room

Located in midtown Atlanta, Mary Mac’s Tea Room is famous for its southern cooking rather than its tea. In business for 65 years, Mary Mac’s serves both lunch and dinner. Diners can indulge in stew, salads, fried okra, hamburgers, ground sirloin, fried chicken, chicken potpie, fresh oysters, catfish, and much more. Serving up true variety, Mary Mac’s is a favorite for tourists and locals alike, offering amazing and inexpensive food in a casual atmosphere.

The Varsity

The Varsity is the world’s largest drive-in restaurant and has been serving people from all over the world since its opening 86 years ago. The Varsity offers classic American foods—chili cheese dogs, onion rings, fried pies, chili, and a specialty known as a Frosted Orange. All of the food is made using fresh products from that morning’s delivery, and all food is made from scratch—no frozen buns here!


If you are looking for a fine dining experience, Bacchanalia, located in downtown Atlanta, is the best. Bacchanalia offers a seasonal menu that changes based on what can be purchased locally. Using organic produce and products, Bacchanalia creates dishes that embrace the flavors of honey, peach, and brioche, as well as a salad that incorporates hazelnuts, pole beans, pickled shallots, ham, and Georgia Red cheese.

Of course, the restaurant also offers a full bar, and it is the perfect location for a classy cocktail. The restaurant offers a five-course fixed menu. For $85 per person, you will enjoy two appetizers, an entrée, a cheese course, and a dessert. You can also order from the menu a la carte by sitting at the bar.

When visiting Atlanta, make sure that you visit one of these unique restaurants for a taste of culture and authenticity—your palate will thank you!

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