The Quirkiest Places to Eat in London

London is a world leader in amazing restaurants. If you want to find great food, at great prices, that doesn’t compromise quality, then you need to head into London Town. The capital offers such a diverse choice it is difficult to know where to start. London is home to some of the most innovative and interesting restaurants that the world has to offer. If you want a good starting point for places to eat in London, then look no further. This guide will have your mouth watering in no time:


Image Courtesy of Nathan Parton via Flickr

Camden Lock:

Camden is a hive of activity at all times of the year. The great thing is that Camden is the country’s capital of street food. Of course, you don’t get the full dining experience of eating in a Michelin star restaurant, but you do get to experience some fine, international cuisine while looking out at the marvel that is Camden town. If you want to experience true street food, then get yourself to Camden. It is home to Ethiopian, Italian, Indian, Thai, Cambodian, American, French and Vietnamese street food, all situated in a handy square. If you feel spoilt for choice, then why not try nibbles from each vendor to broaden your scope even more. I’m hungry just thinking about it.

Les Trois Garcons:

Revered by celebrities and mere mortals alike, this fashionable French bistro is not to be missed. Les Trois Garcons is nothing if not decadent and provides a unique dining experience like no other. It is filled with bizarre decorations and quirky ornaments. If you want to eat Anglo-French food while looking at a French bulldog wearing a tutu, then look no further. While the decor is outrageous, the food is simply exquisite.


If you want to a dining experience like no other, then opt for Circus located in the West End. The futuristic design and sublime cocktails will ensure that you have a dining experience like no other that you have ever had. Circus and cabaret acts perform around your table while you eat. The only downside is that you may not eat your delicious fare as you will be too enthralled by the spectacle around you. If you want to check out the credentials of the chefs, then take a look at Chefhelp who are also based in London.

Mari Vanna:

This beautiful Russian tea room is not quite like any other. You can experience Soviet cuisine and get your fill of vodka while being surrounded in a decadent Russian inspired building. Imagine lots of lace and pretty white decor, with exquisite chandeliers hanging above every table. It is truly beautiful, and the food is exceptional. It is a must for those that enjoy Russian cuisine and culture.

Shaka Zulu:

Shaka Zulu is an African themed bar and restaurant serving African food at great places. If you want a tipple with your lunch, then you must try one of their more unusual cocktails. The place is simply ostentatious and decadent but is an absolute must. The food is good; the decor is good, and the alcohol choices will blow your mind. For those wanting a slice of Africa with all the benefits of being in London, then this is the place for you.

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