Planning a Summer Trip? Keep these Tips in Mind!


There’s a lot you can learn from others about traveling safely and economically. Whether you’re planning on traveling near or far, you should always make your preparations well in advance. The more you know about your destination and budget, the better off you will be. You don’t want to end up stranded because you ran out of money. Going on trips with a significant other or children should be fun. Take the guesswork out of traveling and save money by following these tips.

Use Aggregator Sites to Find Low-Cost Airline Tickets

If the tripe you’re going on requires you to take an airplane, then you need to start shopping for rates. Rather than using sites like Priceline and Expedia, it’s recommended that you go for sites like, Skyscanner or Momondo. These connect you with the best rates for airlines, sometimes saving you around 15 percent on tickets.

Book Your Airline Tickets a Month in Advance

You don’t want to wait until the last minute to book your airline tickets. In fact, once you find a deal, it’s best to secure it right away. Research shows the best rates are offered when you book tickets at least one month in advance. Some travelers book as early as 90 days in advance If you’re traveling internationally, you should aim to book your tickets at least six weeks in advance. You won’t really find any last-minute airfare deals these days, so don’t rely on that.

If you notice that the next time you search for the same ticket, it’s higher, try using a different browser. This is a trick called dynamic pricing that a lot of sites use. Once they see visitors are interested in a hotel or airline ticket, they boost the price.

Find a Cruise with a Lenient Itinerary

In the past, cruises were very strict about their itinerary. Travelers were restricted to a certain amount of time on the land per docking, which felt like a rush. It’s hard to enjoy yourself in different countries when you have to continuously check your watch. Nowadays, there are cruises that are becoming more lenient about their land rules, allowing guests more freedom. It’s best to use a booking agent to find a good cruise.

Watch for “Resort Fees” On Your Credit Card Bill

If during your travels you stayed in a resort, make sure to check your credit card bill to ensure there are no additional unauthorized charges. Look for resort fees that seem fishy and dispute them with your credit card company. Contact the resort to see if you can get a refund first and if they don’t comply then contact your credit card company.

Use Services like CityPASS

If you’re going to a popular city like Boston, Toronto or Seattle, you can use CityPASS. This will provide you with deep discounts for some of the top attractions in the area. There are also various other perks it comes with, so make sure to check them out.