Planning a Skiing Trip? Here’s The Top 3 Destinations With Esquisite Food


Are you longing to hit the slopes again? The winter here in England can tend to be grey and wet. We sit in front of the television marveling at the daredevils, risking life and limb, racing down mountains at breakneck speed. However for the novice, or the expert, where are the best places to go? If you have never been on a skiing holiday before, I hope this will help you decide.

Are you looking for luxurious ski chalets? The accommodation itself is as important as the skiing. You will be amazed at the luxury on offer.

Also, you will find some traditional dishes that you may find on the menu in these cold climates. Now ski resorts have gone a long way to improving menu’s over the last ten years. You are likely to find top chefs in residence and high quality cuisine on offer.


Whenever skiing is mentioned, Switzerland springs to mind. The Swiss Alps are an ideal location to host your holiday and boasts many famous ski resorts such as St Moritz. The area boasts over 30 slopes (or pistes as those in the know like to call them) and caters for all levels of skiing ability. Whether you are a cross-country skier, downhill racer or enjoy mashing it up on a snowboard, you will find no shortage of adventure here.

Les Portes du Soleil is a skiing area to the north of the mountain range. It comprises several resorts and here you will be spoiled for choice.

Verbier is a truly magnificent ski area to the south west. It has over 90 ski lifts and easy access routes.

Switzerland traditionally offers whole and hearty meals such as risotto. However, once the chef works his magic you will find delights such as roasted pork belly and duck breast as main courses.


Moving along the map a little we have the French Alps. Meribel is a name often mentioned on ’Ski Sunday’ as is Val D’isere, which hosted the winter Olympics in 1992.  Val Thorens has a pretty bleak landscape as it is the highest resort. That does not detract from its beauty though there are stunning views. Take it gentle to start with though, the air is thin up there.

The french menu may offer such delights as coq au vin, chicken marengo, or the ever popular boeuf bourguignon. How about trying the fish dish. Sole with delicious lemon cream is highly recommended.


Cortina d’Ampezzo is a very popular destination for beginners and experts alike. It hosted the 1956 winter Olympics and is a firm favorite with the jet set. So be ready to bump into some famous faces.

Bardonecchia is the place to be if you fancy trying a little snowboarding. It has its own halfpipe and hosted the snowboarding competitions in the 2006 winter Olympics. You can find expert tuition here whatever your level of expertise.

Traditional foods you may find in Italian ski resorts include pizza, and of course, over six hundred pasta dishes with delicious warm pasta sauce from which to choose.

All ski resorts have their own menus and highly talented chefs. So be prepared to try dishes based around tradition, but personalised to the resort.

You can see that living in Europe has obvious advantages to the dedicated, or novice skier. Wherever you live, mountain resorts are just a short plane ride away.

Even if you are only traveling for the apres ski nightlife, everyone should experience a skiing holiday once in their lifetime. You will be glad you did.

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