How to Plan an Amazing 2 Week Trip to Australia

It is possible to visit Australia and have a great time in only 2 weeks, believe it or not. One thing many people do though, is underestimate Australia before they arrive and regret the decisions they made during the planning stage if their trip. Planning and common knowledge is all it takes to get it right! As Australia is quite isolated for most people and takes an extensive flight to arrive, it’s a once in a lifetime thing for many people. Here, we share with you how to make this once in a lifetime trip truly amazing:

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Spend More Time in Less Places, Rather Than Less Time in More Places

One mistake many travellers make is visiting more places and spending less time there. You don’t want to spend your trip to Australia rushed! You don’t want to spend the whole time packing and unpacking, dealing with lots of airports, buses, and long road trips – it’ll be more like a job than a holiday! Slow down and allow yourself to take more in. You’ll never have time to see every single thing, so make your peace with that fact. Concentrate on one location or choose a region to explore, don’t try to go from west coast to the east coast and back again.

How to Decide Where to Visit

With only 2 weeks, you need to make sure that you choose the trip best suited to you, so you need to prioritise what’s important. Ask yourself these questions to help you decide:

  • Do I want city areas, or country areas?
  • Coastal areas, or outback areas?
  • Adventure travel, or a relaxation holiday?
  • Experience aboriginal life, or try food and wine?
  • Explore wildlife, or explore the nightlife?

The answers to these questions will help you to make your travel experience much more rewarding!

City Style Holidays

If you want a city style holiday, Australia has plenty of modern and exciting places for you to visit.

  • If you travel to the east coast, there’s Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Simply sort out your parking at Melbourne airport and you can begin to explore!
  • In the south there’s Adelaide and Hobart.
  • On the west coast is Perth and Broome.
  • Up north you’ll find Darwin.
  • In the red centre is Alice Springs.

With this kind of holiday, you’ll enjoy exploring the outdoor lifestyle, bars, shops, theatres, cafes, and sporting culture.

Coastal Holidays

The coastal holiday is a popular choice for those traveling to Australia. How does swimming, boating, surfing, snorkeling, and more sound? You could swim with dolphins, have a beach barbeque, whale watch, and eat fresh fish on Bondi beach.

Outback Holidays

An outback holiday will give you a sense of adventure and allow you to explore. Go camping, riding, and sing songs around a campfire. This experience is very unique and one you won’t forget in a hurry!

Wherever you choose to go and whatever your preferences, it’s recommended you only choose 2 or 3 places to visit at once. This will make your 2 week trip much more enjoyable and relaxed!

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