Make the Best of your London Trip

London may not be known for it’s cuisine, but trust us – it’s amazing. With the multicultural influence of immigrants within the city and its already very rich history, London’s food has become one of the most varied and delicious in the world. We want to help you discover the wonderful tastes that London has to offer, but we also want you to enjoy your entire trip overall!

With that in mind, here are some great ideas to make sure your London trip is unforgettable.

1) Let’s talk food, of course!

What’s your flavor? When it comes to London, you can find it all: genuine Indian food, Algerian food, Mexican food, and of course, British delicacies. We love London because of its culinary variety, so make sure that you too give yourself an opportunity to try all sorts of goodies.

Personally, we like to splurge on one or two expensive restaurants, especially those with Michelin Stars (it’s worth every expensive cent!). The rest of the time, we’ll go for local restaurants, pubs and street food, which usually offer the most authentic and cheap food. Get recommendations from the locals – they usually have great restaurants and cafes to share!

Borough Market London

2) Make sure you stay in comfort

We all have different budgets, but when you’re travelling, a bad experience in your hotel or hostel could ruin the entire travel experience. Avoid problems by using good resources where you can read reviews and ratings from those who have stayed before in the accommodation. Our personal favorite resource is the booking website Venere, since they have both filtering abilities and pictures and reviews to go by.

Ever since we went through this pre-checking and booking route, we haven’t had any issues with accommodations like we experienced in the past. To think of the conditions we were unlucky to deal with pre-internet, like disgusting rooms full of cockroaches and rats! Hotels are now aware of the power of the internet and our reviews, and they are unlikely to dare ruin their online reputation.

3) So much to see, so little time

London is huge – as far as cities go. With such a vast and rich history, it also has far more museums and tourist locations than you could possibly go through in one short trip. So pick your battles, or rather, your tour locations. What most interests you? Is it museums (like me), historic locations, castles?

Make a list, figure out where the spots are located in the city and try to organize yourself to maximize the amount of sightseeing. You can find many great ideas for what to see and do in London, whether on the internet or even on our blog. The list keeps increasing and what you choose to do is up to your personal preferences!


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