London’s Tasty Street Food Fare

London’s Tasty Street Food FareEating street food is actually part of traveling and those who wish to experience a new place like locals do, there’s no better way to do this than to eat right off the stalls lining the street. Although you have a lot of options as far as European cities when you have a eurail pass, you will surely find it difficult to get enough of what London has to offer although going as far as Paris is always an option. Here are some of the street foods that you shouldn’t miss when you are in the city of London.

Tasty K, Brixton Station Road. Anyone who knows Brixton will surely know this caravan which is painted with bright blue and you can buy delicious Guyanese roti here. This place is full of people from Monday to Friday especially during lunch time. The roti here comes in different flavours and you can sit in one of the plastic chairs outside the caravan while tasting the rolls which is quite heavenly.

Luardos, King’s Cross. Burritos and tacos is not a new concept but this snack can actually turn into something healthy with the substitution of meat with fish. The idea of fish tacos may still seem new to some but this is actually a delicious snack that you can buy off the street. The chunky strip of fish which is lined with cabbage shreds is quite tasty. You can find this fish taco in Luardos van so be sure to look for one should you be walking along King’s Cross.

Eat My Pies, Broadway/ White Cross Market. If you are looking for the best British food, this is the best place to visit especially on Saturdays at Broadway market and on Thursdays and Fridays in White Cross Market. With the aim of making British fare available to the public, you will get your fill of smoked scotch eggs, pork pies and custard tarts from this place. Aside from all of that, you should also leave a bit of room for chorizo pie.

Kimchi Cult, Eat.St. When you are planning to eat burgers and fries, kimchi will surely be the last thing on your mind but you will be surprised at what you can find in this stall.This Korean fast food is beginning to be a big hit and there are miniature burgers which are topped with kimchi. This exotic burger is definitely a must try.

Churros Garcia, Broadway/Portobello/Real Food Market. The revival of street food happens to be one of the best things in London. This Spanish family business is such a hit. The doughnuts here are definitely served hot and it is best eaten with a decadent chocolate. You will surely find this stall as something to look forward to when you are in London.

Creperie Niclas, Eat.St/ Real Food Market. Before you even think about leaving the city of London by hopping on tgv France and start exploring Paris, you should not miss this crepe stall. Crepes happen to be one of the most traditional snacks that you can buy off the street vendors but it is never boring. If you ever feel lazy about eating breakfast, this is a good choice as they also have fresh coffee. The vanilla flavored crepes right off the batter will leave you feeling great.

There are so many surprises which are hidden in the streets and the markets of the wonderful city of London. You do not have to dine in fine restaurants when you have the option to have a cheaper option to discover the flavors that London has to offer. No one can deny that street foods are the least expensive options when you are planning to go on a gastronomic adventure in a tight budget.

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