Is Slow Food a Healthy Move?

Slow Food

Are you looking for a better way to eat? Maybe you want to know how to lower your cholesterol, maintain a healthy weight, or just get more out of your meals. The slow food movement may be the answer to your questions. In this article we discuss what slow food means, and why it’s still one of the biggest health trends around.

What is slow food?

Developed by cooks and diners in Italy in the 1980s, slow food is an eating philosophy that savours a more leisurely pace of life. It argues that the modern world is too focused on doing things quickly and forgets to do things properly, including food. Eating slow is about savouring meals, really tasting every bite, but also taking the time to look at how and what we eat. The slow food movement has consistently turned its attention to the source of the ingredients, asking how meals are produced and how this might be done better.

Slow Food and Health

OK, but what has this got to do with health? Although not specifically designed for those of us who are wondering how to lower your cholesterol or lose weight, there are in fact lots of ways slow food promotes healthy eating. First and foremost, studies suggest we tend to eat less when we take our time over food. This is because we more easily recognise when our stomachs are full and do not automatically overeat.

Slow food also puts strong emphasis on the social, family side of food. Eating is a social act, and when people see their meals as a way to relax and spend meaningful time with their loved ones, it might also help them to limit stress eating.

A further key link between slow food and healthy eating concerns ingredients. This philosophy emphasises eating wholesome, local and seasonal food. In practice, this means a lot of vegetables and whole grains. The approach ensures your diet varies throughout the year, and helps you to skip eating processed foods with large amounts of saturated fat, or added salt and sugar.

So if you’re looking to improve your lifestyle – maybe wondering how to lower your cholesterol or maintain a healthy weight – the slow food philosophy of eating less by savouring more, of eating seasonal and local, healthy ingredients and including lots of vegetables, could be a good place to start. Read more about it online, join your local group and get started.