Important Considerations When Choosing A Pushchair For Travelling

Important Considerations When Choosing A Pushchair For TravellingAlthough my blog is about my own personal journey exploring the world and tasting the many delightful cuisines and dishes that I come across, you may be in a different situation and may be planning a similar trip with your wife or partner and small children.  This undoubtedly would be equally as thrilling and exciting, but does throw up different problems and issues that you would have to figure a solution for before you head off to distant and foreign lands.

One of the most important considerations, particularly if your children are still of newborn or very young is the pushchair that you are going to buy for your travels.  There are many different things that you should look for in a pushchair and these are what we will look at throughout this post.

Does It Have An Adjustable Backrest?

Although pushchairs are much more practical for younger children, they are not always designed with newborns in mind.  The main issue with a lot of pushchairs is that the chair and backrest do not lie completely flat, which is very important when your baby is still of newborn age.  Always check that the backrest and chair can be adjusted.

Does It Have A Reversible Chair?

The majority of newborn pushchairs have been produced so that your baby sits facing you rather than out into the world.  This is both to encourage you to make lots of important eye contact with your bundle of joy, as well as reassuring you that they are comfortable and happy.  However, it could be that you want to purchase a pushchair that will last much longer than a couple of months.  If this is the case, then you need to check that the chair can be reversed so that when baby is old enough, you can have him facing out to the world, so that he can experience the sights and sounds of those foreign and distant lands.

Does It Ride Smoothly?

Although you are buying a pushchair to travel with, it is important to not focus just on how lightweight one is.  You don’t want to jolt your baby around too much while pushing them along, especially if they are still of newborn age.  So the smoothness of the ride is also important.  With regards to travelling, there may be times when you have to navigate the pushchair off the beaten path, so it is worth looking into all-terrain models that have much better suspension and much thicker wheels.

How Easy Is It To Fold And Unfold?

The final consideration you need to make when purchasing a pushchair for travelling long distances with is how easy it is to operate the fold and unfold mechanism.  It could be that during your travels that you have to use a wide variety of different transportation, so it is important that you find a pushchair that you can fold and unfold relatively quickly and easily so that you don’t make situations more stressful than they need to be.

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