Icy Grown Up Fun for Adults – Alcoholic Slushy Cocktails


Remember being a kid and being taken swimming or to a restaurant and when you were asked if you wanted something to drink there was only one way you would respond – one slushy please mummy and daddy.  Back then, there were just two choices – red or blue.  Whereas some people preferred red and some preferred blue, we actually preferred a mixture of both, but maybe we are just greedy.  Regardless of the colour you chose you knew it was going to be a good few minutes drinking and munching on that ultra-syrupy sweet icy beverage.

Nowadays, there has been something of a renaissance of the humble slushy and you don’t actually even have to leave your house to enjoy one.  There are a wide variety of slush machines that you can purchase for your own home at reasonable prices for any budget.  If you have often thought about buying one buy find the choice overwhelming, head over to www.myslushmachine.co.uk, a great site jam-packed with information about some of the most popular brands and models of slush machines on the market and other hints and tips for getting the best out of your chosen machine.

Being able to make slushies from home has enabled lots of hot and stressed out parents give their children tasty and cooling drinks to enjoy in the summer sun.  It has also meant that red and blue are no longer the only choice available as many brands have their own range of flavoured syrups that you can use with slush machines to create exotic and interesting icy treats.

Another benefit of having the ability to create and make slushy drinks from the comfort of your own home is that it means that children are not the only ones who get to have fun.  It allows you to combine the icy and refreshing goodness of a slushy with more grown up and alcoholic drinks and flavourings.  Just as any soft drink or fruit juice can become a deliciously slurptastic slushy, so too can any alcoholic drink such as spirits, wines and alcoholic ginger beers.

The great thing is that there is no right or wrong and certainly no hard and fast rules when it comes to making alcoholic slushy drinks.  The chances are if you take a cocktail or alcoholic drink that you are especially fond of and use that as the basis for a slushy-style drink, the results will be good.  Even if you don’t find the right combination first time around, as the spider said try try and try again.

Some of our favourites include the fresh and minty flavour of a Mojito slushy and the classiness of a Cosmopolitan slushy.  If your imagination is letting you down, there are packs of alcoholic-flavoured syrups that will work in most slushy machines available online.  There are also a wide variety of websites and blogs who have put together lists of cocktail slushies you should try when you have the chance.

One thing’s for sure, if you serve cocktail slushies at your next party or BBQ, you may find that your home becomes the permanent location for all future events within your social circle!

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