How to Build Up an Appetite While you Travel

appetiteWhen you go on a foodie trip you will want to make the most of all of the new flavours, sights and smells you come across along the way.

However, what if you can’t always work up a healthy appetite? If there is one thing worse than having to skip a potentially amazing meal it is eating when you are full. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to build up your hunger without even really trying.

Take Your Time in the Restaurant and Play Some Games

There should be no race to scoff your food down in the restaurant. If you are on your own then you might be tempted to rush your meal because you feel kind of self conscious. For this reason it is a good idea to take something with you which will keep you occupied. Traditionally this has meant taking a book but these days a phone, a tablet or a laptop is just as practical. You could while away your time between courses having some fun on a games site.

This could mean playing some bingo if you like, as these sites are becoming incredibly popular now. You could also try your hand at some casino action or just blasting away at a classic arcade game. Before you know it you will be starving and ready to tuck into something delicious. In most parts of the world waiting staff are happy to let customers linger over their meals while they use their laptop or whatever. You might want to buy a coffee now and then to avoid feeling awkward but you are unlikely to get any dirty looks for taking your time unless the restaurant is really busy or you start shouting “House”.

Walk to the Restaurant

Walking is fantastic way of getting in the mood for your meal. One great tip is to look in the windows of other restaurants and snack bars on the way, in order to really get your taste buds tingling. If you are in a destination with a big restaurant district then spending some time here before each meal can get you raring to tuck in. Just remember not to spoil your appetite by giving in to the temptation to feast on extra snacks before your main meal. By walking a lot you might also find some exciting new eating places which are a little bit off the beaten track. If you are in country with a strong street food culture then strolling round the markets and stalls in the evening can also be hugely interesting.

Eat When the Locals Do

Meal times vary from one country to another and there is usually a very good reason why the locals eat when they do. For example in a hot, tropical country you might find that lunch is the biggest meal of the day followed by a siesta and then a lighter snack late in the evening. Alternatively, in a cold destination you might need a big, warming breakfast to get you started. Try to adapt to the local meal times in order to make the most of your hunger. This is also going to help you avoid jet lag on longer trips, as you will be adjusting to the local hours naturally right from the start.


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