How is the tourism industry in the Seychelles growing?



Perfectly situated in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa and to the northeast of Madagascar, the Seychelles is a group of islands – an archipelago – that stretches across the deep blue sea in an idyllic setting. With warm weather all year round, naturally some rain at times; you can enjoy a perfect holiday at any time of year.

The growth of tourism

Thirty or forty years ago, you probably wouldn’t have heard of the Seychelles. The bright lights of Spanish, Greek and other European resorts were the magnet and easily available. However when the country – that gained independence from Britain in 1976 after formerly being a French colony for a relatively short time in the 18th and 19th centuries – completed its International Airport in 1971 there were real options for tourists to visit.

As with any new venture for an economy it wasn’t always easy, and the Seychelles has worked to maintain an environmental balance in its islands by restricting the number of beds that can be available. In terms of its future tourism industry, it is looking to develop, as sympathetically as possible, the outer islands.

As with many countries that have attractive tourism offers, the Seychelles needs investment, and this slide from Mukesh Valabhji gives an idea of how investment can be drawn in to the islands’ tourism industry. The Seychelles is continuing to develop its tourist industry and has a bright future ahead.

This has the potential to attract visitors who really want to get off the beaten track and relax in an environment that is an ideal combination of the wildness of nature and exceptional home comforts. If that’s what you’re looking for then the Seychelles is the ideal place to be.

Where to go, what to do

Just remember the Seychelles is a group of islands, so if water is not your thing it actually doesn’t matter, though you’d probably want to try out a few activities anyway. One of the great things about the resorts and other places you can stay in is that you can access a whole range of energetic or relaxing activities, just as you please.

If you’re into island hopping then this is the place to be. Head for Bird Island for some game and bottom fishing or take a luxury yacht charter to explore what the ocean can offer.

Want to learn how to dive? Then hook up with a diving centre that can give you expert instruction as well as show you what you need to understand about the underwater world, and help you to explore it.

Alternatively, you could just bask by the beach and occasionally go for a swim, mixing the pleasure of the sun with some mild exercise!

After that you can head for a restaurant that will offer you delicious food and cocktails plus other drinks to get you in the mood for some dancing or just going back to where you are staying and chilling while you watch the sunset.