Holiday in Tuscany


Tuscany is on the northern west coast of Italy and offers a lot of attractions for travelers. You can walk on the paths of the medici and visit their beautiful villas in Poggio a Caiano as well as in Florence and Quarrata. You can also indulge in the charm of the towns Florence and Lucca. The cathedral in Florence isparticularlyworth a visit.

There are a lot of historical landmarks such as charming villages, farms and buildings. The special atmosphere of these places which makes you feel carefree is created by small roadside caf├ęs. You can taste the Italian style of coffee, ice cream, pizza, pasta and other Italian specialties. Enjoy your day by walking through villages like Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia and Manarola, which are all located at the coast.

Have you ever been to the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Visited Romulus and Remus? You can experience the historical building first hand in the Tuscany. You can also relax at one of the many beautiful beaches on the coastline of the Tuscany. And the refreshing water of the Mediterranean Sea serves as the icing on the cake.

Wellness is healthy for your body and your soul. If you want a special sort of holiday you can travel to Castelfalfi, which is one of the most romantic and historical villages in Tuscany. It offers the combination of nature and luxury and in order to get a taste of both. Both villas and hotels in Tuscany serve as accommodation possibilities. With its charming style, the Tuscany offers something for everyone.

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