Great Advice For How To Balance Your Work Time And Sightseeing Time While Travelling


Although most of my journeys in the beginning of adventure to taste the world involved lots of planning and saving before I left home, for my more recent travels I did virtually no saving beforehand at all.  Yu may be wondering if this is even possible, well it is as long as you are able to work online and follow the advice in this post.

Make Sure You Have Steady Work

It wouldn’t be very good if you travelled halfway round the world only to find that there was less demand for your online work.  This is why I would suggest that you work for a few months before travelling, so you are confident you will be able to have a steady income when you are travelling.  Sites such as and are great sites for finding essay and article writing jobs, which is one of the best ways to earn money while you travel. in particular is a site that offers a quality essay writing service, so you need to make sure that your writing ability is good.

This can make for very interesting work however, as you may spend your time writing about different subjects for different clients.  It is a good idea to have a few jobs going at one time, so that you don’t worry if you lose one.

Go Places Where Money Will Go Far

One of the things I figured out in my travels tasting the cuisines of many different countries was that you can work out exactly how much money you could possibly earn before you go.  This is important to do because you need to choose places to visit where you can actually afford to stay.  For example, if you are expecting to earn around £30 a day, you are best looking at places like Asia and South America, as the accommodation and food there is very cheap.  However, if you know you will earn more in the region of £100 or more a day, you will not have to be as picky about where you travel.

Don’t Take Too Many Days Off

I found it hard while on my first few travels abroad to balance the desire to enjoy a relaxing time sightseeing and lazing on the beach with the real need to work.  It was hard to encourage myself to work some days, but I just had to remember that the work was funding my trip.  Although you may not want to spend 15 hours in front of your computer screen every single day, it would be ridiculous to expect that you could travel the world without doing any real hard work.  I got into the habit of adapting my work routine and sightseeing routine to match where I was visiting.  For instance, in places like Miami where there is great nightlife, I tried to do all my work during the day time, whereas other places where more happens during the day I preferred to work at night so I didn’t miss out on the sights.

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