Where to go wine tasting in Canada

Where to go wine tasting in CanadaMany people around the world do not think that wine could be produced in Canada because of the snow, but this is not the case. There are a number of small wine makers in Canada, which produce some fabulous wines. Although the wines produced here will more than likely never reach the global market, there are some wonderful surprises for visitors who appreciate good wine.

This guide by Tony from Globalhoteldiscount highlights some of the more popular wine produces in Canada. Wine lovers will definitely want to pay each of these venues a visit – it is well worth the trip to get there.

Okanogan Valley

This lakeside region of British Columbia is a five-hour drive from Vancouver, but worth the long drive. There are more than one hundred wineries along the slopes of these hills and the diverse climate allows the farmers to produce both bold reds and crisp whites. Varietals include pinot Gris, pinot Blanc, pinot noir, chardonnay and merlot. Here you will find a wine to suit almost every palate. Most visitors will start off their wine exploration in Kelowna and then move onto places like Cedar Creek, Mission Hill and Quail’s gate. To find out more about annual festivals and so forth, visit www.winebc.com.

The Golden Mile

Some of BC’s best wineries are close to the town of Oliver, where the Golden Mile is situated. The warm climate here makes for a much longer growing season, producing some of the most fantastic wines around the area. The clay, gravel and sandy soils make this area perfect for varietals like cabernet sauvignon, merlot, chardonnay, and gewürztraminer. There are about 20 wineries in the “Golden Mile”, which is about 20km long. Here you will find producers like tinhorn Creek, Burrowing Owl, and Road 13 Vineyards.

Vancouver Island

This area has been known as a farming area for many moons. You can find some great small wineries on Vancouver Island. Just a short drive from Victoria is where you will find Blue Grouse, Averill Creek, Cherry Point Vineyards and Venturie-Schulze.  Another great place to visit is Merridale Estate Cidery, which produces six celebrated ciders. To find out more about these wineries, visit www.wineislands.ca.

Niagara Peninsula

This Ontario region offers more than sixty different wineries and grows more than three-quarters of Canada’s grapes. The complex mix of soils and climates is ideal for Riesling, chardonnay, pinot noir and cabernet-franc varietals. This is also where they make Canadian icewine, which is a sweet dessert, drink made from grapes frozen on the vine. This is the region where you will find some of Canada’s biggest and best wineries, such as Pellar Estates, Inniskillin and Jackson-Triggs.

Prince Edward County

This relatively new grape-growing region is located in the province’s southeastern corner. It is almost three hours drive from Toronto. A long-established fruit-growing district and has lower temperatures than Niagara. The most popular wineries include Grange of prince Edward, Closson Chase and Black Prince Winery.

There are also a wide variety of wine farms in Montreal and Nova Scotia for visitors to explore. Some include Domaine St-Jacques, Les Petits Cailloux, Gaspereau Vineyards, Jost Vineyards and Domaine De Grand Pre. There truly is a little bit of something for every individual here in Canada.


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