George Foreman Wasn’t Just a Fine Boxer!

We’re living in an age in which we have to make more health-conscious decisions about our food. It’s estimated that half of the population will be obese by 2050 and obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes, strokes, and heart disease are on the rise, so we have to make healthy choices in our diet. However, making healthy choices does not always mean that you need to miss out on some of your favorite foods. You can change how you cook, rather than what you cook, with a George Foreman grill.

Limiting the amount of saturated fat in your diet is imperative when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Cutting down on saturated fat isn’t just good when fighting obesity, as it’s also a key tool when trying to reduce your blood cholesterol and lowering your risk of coronary heart disease. High levels of blood cholesterol can cause a build-up of fatty plaques in your arteries. This is known as atherosclerosis, and atherosclerosis can increase your risk of a stroke or heart attack.

By cooking with a grill, you can massively reduce the amount of fat in your diet. Not only is the food grilled by the hot plates on each side of the grill, with no extra fat needed to aid cooking, but also any fat that’s in the food drains away down the angled grill plates into the fat-catching tray below. When you cook on a George Foreman grill, you get to see the fat that you have avoided with your own eyes.

Since the grill has heated plates on both the top and the bottom, you can cook food quickly and evenly. There’s no need to turn food over to make sure that each side is cooked the same, and as it cooks both sides of the food simultaneously, you can halve the cooking time.

The grill plates are non-stick and the fat drains away down the angles ridges. This makes cleaning the grill quick and easy. A quick wipe to the plates whilst they are still warm (but not hot so you don’t get burnt) is all it takes to keep the grill clean. And once cooled, the fat collected in the reservoir can be thrown away and the reservoir can be easily cleaned.

You can whip up a whole — not to mention healthy! — meal on the grill. Vegetables can be chargrilled alongside any meat that you are cooking. If you’re making burgers, you can lightly toast your buns in seconds. Dinner doesn’t have to end at the main course, either, since you can produce some marvelous desserts with the grill. Grilled bananas and fruit kebabs are delicious. For a midnight feast, you could melt chocolate and marshmallow between two biscuits or wafers to make the ole American favorite s’mores. Okay, so that might not be the most nutritious treat, but once you start cooking with a George Foreman grill, you’ll be able to spoil yourself a little… but just a little, mind you!

Image by Nicholas Wang, used under Creative Commons license.


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