Fire up the PC to start your culinary adventures

Fire up the PC to start your culinary adventuresYou don’t need to be a Michelin-starred chef to cook fantastic meals that are both pleasing to the eye and the pallet.

With so many cookery programmes on TV and celebrity cook books on the shelves offering recipes and information, it can be difficult to know where to start looking at the beginning of your culinary journey. However, with just one click of a mouse you can find simple and tasty recipes from around the world online that are easy to follow and promise excellent results.

There are lots of different sites to choose from, which means you can choose the perfect one for you depending on your tastes and abilities. Some recipes are even labelled easy, intermediate and advanced, so whether you’re a complete novice or a budding Gordon Ramsey, you will find recipes to suit your skills and experience. These sites also tend to offer helpful hints and ideas to really help you make the most of your culinary adventure.

The internet provides an extensive range of recipes, from meat and poultry dishes to rice and seafood, as well as a variety of recipes for gastronomic delights from across the world. With online videos explaining the preparation and cooking process and a vast selection of recipes with easy to follow step-by-step guides, you will be serving up restaurant quality meals in no time. Here are just five of the many recipes and ideas available online:

  • 1. Caribbean Jerk Marinated Chicken

If you fancy serving up a meal with a bit of a kick, go Jamaican and cook up a storm in the kitchen with jerk marinated chicken. Save yourself some time by adding Caribbean jerk seasoning to your marinade and serve with black bean and rice salad.

  • 2. Sweet & Spicy Malaysian Chicken Curry

If you’re in the mood for something light, what better than a sweet and spicy chicken curry flavoured with curry powder, apple, raisins and tomatoes? This is great served with brown rice and sliced almonds.

  • 3. Sweet and Savoury Pork Tenderloin Stir Fry

This dish consists of glazed pork tenderloin with cajeta, a delicious Mexican caramel sauce, that’s made savoury with the addition of fish sauce. The result is a stir-fry with a world of sweet and savoury flavours.

  • 4. Lemon, Coriander & Fennel Rissotto

From zesty lemon and the distinctive taste of coriander leaf to the aromatic flavour of fennel, you can’t go wrong with this mouth-watering creamy risotto.

  • 5. Smoked Salmon & Lemon Mini Fish Cakes

Delicate smoked salmon fish cakes imported straight from the Mediterranean make an attractive starter or party canapés, and they can be made quickly and easily in your very own kitchen.

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