Famous & Historical European Casinos

The history of casinos in Europe outdatesthat of most other establishments. Today there are many opinions regarding the outlook for the future of these resorts. Online gaming, like that found in the new games at CasinoEuro,has become increasingly popular. However, there is an ageless resilience to these famous and historical resorts; the following five casinos attest to the fact that they have established themselves as a part of this time-honoured tradition.

One – The Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco:  

Monte Carlo

One of the most popular visitor’s attractions in Monaco, the Casino de Monte Carlo (founded in 1863), is an exciting combination of the contemporary and historic. Even today, the Monte Carlo retains its reputation as one of the most elite gambling strongholds in Europe. Famous for ballet, opera, and opulent nightlife the Monte Carlo has captured the attention the world over. Having provided the setting for many famous movies, the casino is not onlyone of the oldest in Europebut one of the most beautiful. Set above the azure waters of the Mediterranean, this elegant blend of history, horticulture, and architecture combine to create the crème-de-la-crème of casinos.

Two – Casino di Venezia, Italy:

Casino de Venezia

The Casino di Venezia is situated alongside the canal, providing an exclusive gambling atmosphere within its grandiose gambling halls. Historic and romantic, it is open to adults over the age of eighteen. It maintains a reputation as the world’s oldest casino (first opened in the 1630’s). Retaining its original Renaissance style, professional gamblers from all continents enjoy the historical gambling rooms, as well as a wealth of slot-machines. Between World War I and the Roaring Twenties, gambling was at its peak in Italy, and the Casino di Venezia has managed to sustain its austere popularity.

Three – San Remo Casino, Italy:

San Remo Casino

While the San Remo Casino, in the province of Imperia, is not as large as many others found around the globe, it is noted for its historical significance. Inaugurated in 1905, it managed to keep the doors open even when Mussolini ordered the closure of all casinos in 1924. In spite of a modern array of slot machines and gaming tables, the Casino in San Remo retains an ageless elegance. Additionally, this Italian tourist resort is well known for the San Remo music festival, art shows, cycling races, and as the source of Telesina – stud poker.

Four – The Casino at the Empire, England:

Casino of the Empire

Primarily known as the Empire Ballroom, this London casino was completely redone in 2007. Today, the four story resort features several bars, gaming tables, and widely popular slot-machines. The Casino at the Empire is immersed in historicalappeal; the stunning architecture is reminiscent of days gone by. Covering more than 55,000 square feet, the Casino thrives amidst today’s vibrant city life.

Five – Casino Baden-Baden, Germany


Opened more than one-hundred and fifty years ago, the Casino Baden-Baden was closed during both World War I and World War II, when it suffered minor damages. Recently renovated, it has continued to adapt toa rapidly changing world. An extensive selection of slotsand traditional games like poker, roulette, and blackjack draw international gamblers and tourists, and the gambling halls bear the monikers of many historical characters. This architectural landmark within the Black Forest boasts a spa and horse racing alongside the famed casino.

While online trends change and resorts open and close, these five famous historical casinos continue to leave their mark on the hearts of patrons from around the globe.


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