Craving Some Street Food But Don’t Know Where to Go?

Get down and dirty with amazing food trucks and finger food

Over the past few years, various shows have been created to honor the culture of food trucks. Tyler Florence, host of The Great Food Truck Race and Food Court Wars, says that the greatest thing about food trucks is that they “can be incredibly profitable and they’re very low-maintenance because it doesn’t take a lot of people to operate the truck.” Because of this, food trucks are now seen in higher numbers than ever before, offering a wealth of different cuisines that elevate street food to the next level.

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While food trucks are more common in the West, almost every country in the world has adapted some kind of food truck that offers different kinds of street food. The mobility afforded by food trucks is a great asset, and they end up rolling through cities all day. Sadly, it’d be incredibly easy to miss a food truck if you don’t know their schedules. If you’re craving some street food but don’t know where to start looking for those big kitchens on wheels, check the following places out:

Breakfast and Mornings: In front of office buildings 

Food trucks are a famous lunchtime venue, but many people also crave these in the mornings. Recognizing that office workers are one of their biggest demographics, food trucks usually park in front of office buildings in the morning. In Raleigh, citizens are looking to get designated “food truck zones” in the Warehouse District so the trucks can supply food to workers and visitors. Many companies now also hire food trucks to come by their offices during lunch to provide a diverse food selection to their employees.

Lunch and the Afternoon: The local stadium, arena, or racetrack 

The venue for the local game is the best place to catch a food truck, especially at around lunch time or the late afternoon. Games attract a lot of hungry people who want hot food fast — perfect for a food truck. Racetracks are also quite famous for bringing in lots of different food trucks from all over the city. Last year, Santa Anita brought in its first Street Food Cinema event, which called on food trucks to create and sell food themed after the Pirates of the Caribbean. Horse racing is an incredibly popular sport, especially in the UK. Betfair’s agreement with the British government to take on most of the local horse races has given the industry a £40m boost, revitalizing the archaic sport. Thousands now flock to racetracks, drawing the food trucks along with them.

Dinner and the (Friday) Nights: Parks, parking lots, outside of bars 

There’s probably no better time for a food truck binge than the night. After a long day at work, a burger or a unique gourmet meal from a food truck can sure hit the spot. Even places that don’t usually get food trucks often find the mobile kitchens rolling in on Friday nights, parking in front of bars (for patrons who like booze but don’t like the food at their favorite bars) and clubs. Miami even has a scheduled monthly Friday Night Food Trucks event that occurs at the start of every month.

Of course, finding these food trucks wouldn’t be so difficult if every city had its own version of Find LA Food Trucks, a website that tracks the location of all the active food trucks in the Los Angeles area and plots them on an interactive map. Maybe other regular food truck cities will get on the bandwagon on this sometime soon. Until then, enjoy hunting those food trucks down!

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