Comfort food: The Best Foods for Cold Conditions

Comfort food The Best Foods for Cold ConditionsWhen we think of warming foods, many of us will no doubt picture a hearty winter stew or soup. But while these are tried and tested British favourites, colder climates of the world require a diet of something other than a comforting bowl of broth. We take a look at the warming foods favoured by some of the world’s coldest regions.


The omega 3 found in oily fish can be beneficial all year round but no more so than in winter and Scandinavian countries swear by the stuff. With a vast access to many varieties of fish, places like Norway and Sweden consume fish in almost every meal of the day during the long harsh winters and preserve cheese and raw vegetables for the warm seasons. The fatty acids in omega 3 are not only good for the heart but they can help reverse the effects the cold has on your skin by moisturising it and lending it a healthy glow.

Savoury over sweet

While a sumptuous cake and hot beverage can seem the perfect winter warm-up, it can’t sustain us in the long-run. It is the more bitter and savoury foods that our bodies crave in the cold. Take Russian cuisine for example – a rich diet of salty fish and intensely flavoured vegetables keep the cold at bay as they are each packed with immune boosting qualities.   Colder climates such as Russia make the best of the resources available to them and use mushrooms, cabbage and their own specialty, beets, as part of soups, salads and meat pies.

Herbs & Spices

Adding spices to colder foods and drinks can be a great way to fight off the chills. Places like Sweden and Denmark regularly incorporate warming spices into their diet by using cardamom and ginger on fish dishes and seasoning salads with cumin. Hot drinks can be made even more comforting with the addition of cinnamon, while herbal teas can be very warming and a very effective digestive aid. Spices have always been favoured in food thanks to their great immune boosting and digestive properties and they taste amazing in drinks and baked treats at winter.

A filling and nutritious diet is essential to keeping comfortable in the cold. Just remember to stay warm on the outside too with a quality piece of outdoor clothing – A must when exploring the colder climates of the world.

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