Bingo video reminisces on Heinz 57…

For food lovers, Heinz has always been a popular brand. After all, what other food and condiment manufacturer do you know who promises 57 varieties?

What was once a staple of their advertising, Heinz 57 has become a term with much greater meaning that its original use and a new bingo video has even reminisced over this pivotal phrase:

The video is actually part of a series of clips which are being published online to document all 90 calls used in the game of bingo. There will be 90 videos uploaded in total with the campaign already well underway with over half of the videos already online for you to view and the last few scheduled to appear over the next couple of weeks.

Covering everything from Heinz 57 to the Brighton Line (number 59), these videos are sure to be a great way to learn the intricacies and we love the fact that popular food products like Heinz have starred in the clips.

To watch number 57 again or to view the other clips in the collection, visit the YouTube channel.

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