The Best Foods From Around the World

Trying different foods from all over the world is what dreams are made of. Whenever you go travelling to another country and have the opportunity to try unusual local food, make sure you do! The following foods are some of the best you’ll find all over the globe:

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Paella – Spain

Paella is delicious, and it can contain many different ingredients. The most popular kind is usually seafood paella; containing mussels, shrimp, and perhaps other seafoods. All of this with tasty vegetable rice.

Lumpia – Philippines

Lumpia is very popular, and can be served to start, as a snack, or as a light meal. The deep fried dish is delicious and often eaten as a late supper.

Jerk Chicken – Jamaica

Jerk chicken is infused with so many tasty ingredients overnight. Scotch bonnet peppers are used, which is one of the hottest chillies you’ll find. Cooked over pimento wood, it has a unique flavour that you just can’t beat. The marinade soaks in and really compliments and enhances the chicken.

Nasi Goreng – Indonesia

Stir fried rice, chicken, shrimp, and delicious seasoning help to make this tasty dish. Hard boiled eggs can also be eaten along side!

Lamb Korma – India

Lamb korma is a delicious dish that you’ve probably tried before. However, you haven’t tried it properly till you’ve been to India! Korma in India is often only served on special occasions, like weddings.

Chilli Crab – Singapore

This spicy crab dish is served whole, after being fried in a sweet and sour sauce. If you love sweet and sour sauce with a kick, you’ll love chilli crab.

Bunny Chow – South Africa

This doesn’t contain any bunnies, so don’t fret. Bunny chow is a hollowed out loaf of bread, filled with a selection of curries. You can have beef, chicken, mutton, whatever you fancy (except bunnies). It can also be as large as you like. One of the most popular foods in South Africa.

Pulled Pork – USA

The USA take pork very seriously. Sweet pulled pork is a delicacy in states like North Carolina, but don’t be stingy with the BBQ sauce. Munch on a bun for some amazingly good food, advise

Poutine – Canada

You’re going to love this one. Chunky fries, covered in curds of cheese and a healthy dose of gravy. You can find this all over Canada, but it originated in Quebec. If you want to enjoy it most, have it after a couple of drinks. Delicious!

Som Tam – Thailand

A gorgeous Thai salad, mixed with garlic and chillies. Gorgeous with peanuts, shrimp, lime juice, and some sticky rice.

You’ll be sad you missed out if you don’t try the food on this list at some point on your travels. Make a food bucket list and include these foods to make sure you taste some of the most magnificent culinary creations.

Have you tried any of the foods on this list? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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