Best Coffee Machines for Coffee Geeks


If there is one thing any tech geek needs first thing in the morning it is a steaming hot cup of coffee to get their brain going.

Of course, in an ideal world we would be able to combine the act of making some coffee with some gadget heaven. Lo and behold, the best coffee machines for coffee geeks everywhere.

 Nespresso Pixie

The great looking Nespresso Pixie is a powerful but compact coffee maker that is guaranteed to get your motor running first thing in the morning. It is one of the fastest coffee machines of its type, so it is well suited to someone who wants their mug filled in a hurry in the morning. It make a shot espresso, so you can either knock back this powerful drink or else add milk to make it into a longer coffee. The capsule pods that can be used with it come in a number of different flavours and there is enough variety to keep that morning coffee interesting for a long time. The Pixie is easy to use and fun to look at too, while the price tag is very decent.

DeLonghi EDG420.B Dolce Gusto Meoldy III

It might have a long winded name, but this machine is also one of the best looking and most enjoyable coffee makers on the market just now. The modern, rounded look means that it will fit in best in a slick, modern kitchen. It offers 15 bar pressure and gives you a steaming hot coffee in double quick time. There are three basic options to choose from on this device: espresso, cappuccino and latte. If you like to switch around your flavours on a regular basis then you will be pleased to see that there are over 2 dozen different flavours to choose from with this Dolce Gusto coffee maker. You can also choose from hot and cold drinks as well. Like all of the best coffee machines around these days, it is a lot of fun to look at and adds a real dash of style to the kitchen. This is also an extremely good value machine, so if you aren´t yet sure how much you would use a home coffee maker then this is a great starter machine.

Keurig K140

If you are serious about your coffee then you may be tempted by this top of the range Keurig machine. It is marketed as being the number one coffee making machine in the US and also as being a commercial grade device. One important point to bear in mind is that it isn´t an espresso maker, like many of the other home models around just now. Instead, it gives you a big cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea. The range of beverages that can be made with the Keurig is impressive, with Starbucks pods, Earl Grey tea, Colombian Decaf and a range of other enticing flavours. It isn´t the cheapest option on the market but it is a very classy choice.

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