Best Cities in the US to Get a Degree



A large part of a student’s academic success and building of a social network of friends is a city and an environment that shapes one both as a person and as a future professional. Sometimes you just cannot get along with the transport system or the high costs. And sometimes, once you hear the city’s name, you know it right away that you are in the best place for the students in the United States! Just think of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard University alone and you instantly remind of Boston! Okay, let us proceed with the most important entries as we tell you of the best cities in the US to get a degree!

  • Boston – definitely the number one city in the United States for the students! Being home for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with all the relevant libraries and unique resources and to the Harvard University that goes without saying, Boston is easily ranked first in our ratings. With one of the largest student populations in the country, Boston also has lots of international students, which makes it a true students community with a great mixture of diverse cultures and the special events! It is easily the best city to get your degree because the possibilities are truly endless! You should remember that it is one of the most powerful US cities in terms of economics and employment opportunities!
  • New York! Now it would only be fair to include New York in the list because it is a great city to get your degree, especially if you are into creative arts, music, and the social sciences. It is a place where you can truly enjoy life as a student because it has a very tight student community with the diversity of world’s cultures, countless events, exhibitions, libraries, special programs for the international students, financial help programs, and an opportunity of a lifetime that you will always remember. There are both large and small universities, community colleges, and the unique private institutes that will address your specific degree and a field of interest! A lot of students choose to stay after graduation because you simply become a part and a heartbeat of this unique city!
  • San Francisco! A home for the Stanford University, the city is a great opportunity for both domestic and international students, receiving one of the highest rankings not only in the United States but in the world as well. San Francisco is exactly the case where the city provides the best experience for students, in addition to diverse academic opportunities. It also provides the students with employment options and the special programs for the graduates. Just think of Stanford and the Silicon Valley and you will get the idea! Moreover, the transport system, the paramount of comfortable cafes, and sightseeing will always keep you happy and inspired as you learn!
  • Washington DC! There is the University of Maryland, College Park among others that represent the best opportunities for the students interested in governmental work and the politics. It has a very serious attitude and the city is quite strict if you compare it to San Francisco and even to Boston. Nevertheless, along with the excellent universities with a vast amount of specific degrees, the city provides unique libraries and resources for research work and the academic growth. We have learned that the Washington DC is also one of the most liveable cities for the students because the officials are friendly and hardworking, always ready to help the students to learn and to find employment.
  • Pittsburgh! Now we have intentionally included the city in the list because it has lower living costs compared to many other cities in the United States because affordability is an important factor after all! Being the “Steel City”, as the residents lovingly define it, Pittsburgh is a home to Carnegie Mellon University among others. What makes the city unique is that it has one of the highest proportions in terms of international students in the country! If you want to study, but affordability and limited funds is an issue, Pittsburgh is a great choice for a city to receive a degree!

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