All-American Foods You Must Try

Like many other countries, food in the USA has been influenced by lots of different cultures. There are dishes that you could describe as all-American, but many of those have their origins in recipes brought over from Europe and elsewhere. You can probably name lots of dishes that are popular in the United States, but there are some that you just have to try if you visit. From burgers and bagels to cinnamon rolls and apple pie, America certainly has a distinct collection of foods that represents them as a nation and people. If you’re about to visit, or maybe you’ve just noticed an American restaurant close to you, here are some meals you have to try. Before you head to America, remember to sort out your US ESTA.


You’ve probably had many a cheeseburger at home, but in the good old US of A, they believe in bigger and better. When you have a cheeseburger in the States, it will be nothing like you’ve had before. It’s a staple of any fast food or all-American restaurant’s menu, from global corporations like McDonald’s to smaller franchises like Sonic. In fact, you can look at The page will show you Sonic’s happy hour prices for any extras you might want to have on the side. It’s almost a law that you have to have your juicy burger with fries and soda. But don’t forget about onion rings, corn dogs, and of course extras in your bun, like bacon.

New York Bagels

If you visit New York City, you can’t leave without having a delicious bagel. These classic Jewish bread rolls have become a staple of the New York diet, thanks to their sizeable Jewish community. They’re soft, chewy and slightly sweet, and you can put just about anything you want in them. From the classic salmon and cream cheese to pastrami and salad, there are lots of ways to fill your bagel. And then there are the different bun flavours, from sesame to blueberry. They’re great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And you’ll find plenty of other traditional treats from Jewish-American delis too.


Ezra Wolfe


Mexican and Tex-Mex food is wildly popular across the US, thanks to the influence of their close neighbours. Many people love fajitas, tacos, quesadillas and more, brought the country by Mexicans and often adapted for the American palette too. Many Americans will tell you that the Mexican food you find in Europe isn’t the same. If there’s one thing that you can easily try while you’re over there, it’s tacos. Whether you get them from a proper restaurant or fast-food Taco Bell, you’ll find your favourite combination of meat, cheese, salad and sauces in a soft or hard shell.

Apple Pie

You mustn’t forget the American sweet treats, and if there’s one classic dessert it’s the apple pie. Many countries and cultures have their own versions; American apple pies tend to be deep, with a pastry top and plenty of filling. Cinnamon is a popular way to add some extra spice too.

There are lots more classic American dishes that you should try while in the USA, but these aren’t to be missed. A visit to the States wouldn’t be the same without trying the local cuisine.