7 Favourite Desserts from 7 Continents (Almost)

If you are a lover of desserts, there is no better part of the meal than sitting back with that delectable delight you suffered your way through dinner waiting for. If you really have a passion for sweets, here are seven favourite desserts, one from each of the seven continents – well, almost. Some we had to fake but you won’t tell, will you?


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1) North America – Cakes

It would be a lie to say there was any one favourite cake in all of North America, but topping the list in both Canada and the United States are cakes of all flavours and sizes. Some insist that chocolate pudding cake is the number one dessert whilst both countries lay claim to carrot cake. Either way, if you’ve a sweet tooth, both are just what the doctor ordered.

2) South America – Anything Caramel

Whilst South America is known for its variety of desserts that contain one ingredient common to the entire continent, sweetened condensed milk, it is safe to say that anything with caramel is going to be proclaimed supreme. There isn’t a country on the entire continent that doesn’t love caramel and it would not be far from the truth to say flan is perhaps the most popular of all. (A custard style dessert oozing in caramel sauce)

3) Europe – Chocolate Croissant

Now as for Europe, it wouldn’t be fair not to list a traditional French pastry as the reigning champion. No one is more well-known for desserts (from which the word came, by the way) than the French and other than Cheesecake, there isn’t a more popular French pastry than chocolate croissants.

4) Asia – Sesame Balls

These delightful fried dough sesame balls coated in sesame seeds are amongst the favourite in Chinese homes and restaurants around the world. The secret is in the sweet bean paste centre that is sweet, but not too sweet. Served warm with a cup of hot oolong tea, there is no comparison!

5) Africa – Malva Pudding

When touring Africa, you really must try a South African favourite, Malva Pudding. This delectable baked dish made with apricot jam is ultra-sweet and sticky and too yummy for words. A true favourite amongst children and adults alike.

6) Antarctica – Ice Cream

Okay, so here we had to fake it. Why? If you look on the list of continents with total populations – the population of Antarctica is 0. So, what would you expect would be easy to make in a land so cold? Well, ice cream of course.

7) Australia – Pavlova

Now what would an Australian dessert be without kiwis? The number one all-time favourite dessert by residents and visitors alike is Pavlova. This delightful meringue ‘cake’ is made with a crisp crust and then topped with an assortment of fruit, but the most common is kiwi. If you are looking for an intoxicatingly sweet dessert, this is it!

So, there you have it – the top seven desserts from the seven continents, sort of. If you’ve not had the pleasure of trying anything so delicious, now’s your chance. You may not have the chance to tour the world but you can dig into these wonderful desserts. Recipes are available online so you’ve no excuse.