5 Simple Tips for a Smoother Trip


The grand idea of heading to your favorite location and drinking in whatever the site has to offer seems simple enough. In reality, the only simple part is coming up with the idea; the planning and execution aspects are beasts unto themselves. The maxim if you fail to plan, you plan to fail applies doubly in travel situations as there may not be any security net available should something go awry.

Plan Ahead

Yes, life will find a way to mess with your best-laid plans, but that is a better bet than having no plans at all.  Simple things such as deciding your primary method of transport is essential. Doing major travel plan on a whim only work in the movies therefore if you have decided to travel by air, book your tickets, hotel and a few activities at least three to four months in advance. Try also to book in the off-season as the closer it gets; prices have a way of tripling as demand rises.

If choosing to veer off the beaten path and go with an RV, getting a rental instead of buying one would work out for the best unless you are planning a very long trip. Getting RV supplies and learning how to evenly stock an RV to prevent tipping over while driving is a great way to lower the return cost.

Tell Someone before Leaving

Before leaving for that exotic location, tell family and close friends of your plans. Type ‘A’ people will not agree as it may infringe on personal freedom, but having someone expecting you home may very well save your life. If no communication is had from you in an extended period of time, the police will at least know where to begin looking.

Cash is still King

When traveling, keep in mind that not all places accept credit cards, in addition, if they do accept cards, there may be a huge fee or multiple fees for using an out of network bank. Always travel with a small amount of cash for those quick fix moments; this is double true if traveling out of the country. For international travels, go to the bank and get foreign cash as the airport will have the worst rates as well as very high currency exchange fees.

Pack Appropriately

Never assume that you can go into a local store and pick up a new wardrobe. It would be much better to carry enough clothes, spend a few dollars on laundry and use that cash on activities and experiences you actually want to have. Check out the weather report a few weeks in advance and keep abreast of changes. Always have a sweater, a towel, and extra socks and undies; these will come in handy when it is least expected.

Carry a Map or GPS

Thankfully a smartphone app such as Here Maps can be used in lieu of a map or GPS thanks mainly to its offline capabilities.


Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.