5 Foods You Have to Try on Holiday in India

MithaiWith a unique blend of modernity and old world charm, the incredible country of India has been a utopia for millions of sightseers and adventurists around the world. As a holiday destination, India suits well to people of all tastes and temperament because of its quaint and natural beauty as well as diverse collection of tourist attractions.

Aside from the historic mausoleum of Taj Mahal and the soaring temples adorned with ancient artworks, India also offers one of the best cuisines in the world that every food junkie would love. Because of India’s vast and diverse cultural influence, there’s no easy answer of how does Indian food tastes like. However, one thing is for certain, Indians are best known to serve of the most bold and unique tasting food.

Looking for tasty foods for your holiday trip in India? No need to look further, as we already got it covered for you from our friends at Greaves India. Listed below are five famous foods that you definitely need to try when you get to travel in India on a holiday.


Mithai is a tasty and popular specialty you can find nearly in all regions of India. These delectable goodies are served specially during Diwali or the festival of lights. The base ingredients of these little morsels include chickpea flour, rice flour, semolina, assorted beans, squashes carrots, thicken condensed milk or yogurt. This Indian sweetmeat is a cross between snack and confectionery. If there’s one thing that embodies the ultimate Indian culinary supremacy, it’s mithai.

Mixed Vegetable Paratha

Mixed vegetable Paratha is a delectable yet nutritious Indian bread prepared with a lot of fresh vegetables and wheat flour. While the sound of mixed vegetable in a food might sound unpleasant to eat, this shallow fried flat bread is truly a delicious way of getting their goodness. Others would have Parathas stuffed to make it tastier than ever. This Indian delicacy is considered one of their family favorites served during breakfast and morning snacks.


A lot of people may wonder why Indians celebrate Christmas when there’s only less than 5 percent Christian in this country. Other than they have been a British colony, Christmas season also coincides with the Winter Solstice called Makar Sakranti which they widely celebrate.

If you happen to be in India during that yuletide season, you should know that locals also celebrate this season together with family, friends and neighborhood just like other countries. And, the food that is always present during this time is the Athirasam or what they call as Christmas pudding.

Ven Pongal

One delicacy you shouldn’t miss during the beginning of the new cycle year is the Ven Pongal. You can try the most authentic Ven Pongal in the region of Tamil Nadu where they serve this sumptuous simple dish for breakfast. And, it would taste great with a concoction of coconut chutney and sambar because it gives Ven Pongal a rich and complex flavor.


Biryani is a corpulent kind of mixed rice dish in India that is of a Mughal era origin. The key to this fragrant, signature mixed rice dish is to cook the meat and rice in an airtight pot on a very controlled low fire. If you’re a spice lover then you’d definitely enjoy the raging flavors of different spices including pepper, mace, cardamom, cloves, coriander, mint leaves, ginger, onions and garlic, and the most premium ingredient of all – saffron. Saffron brings out the distinctive aroma of biryani, which makes it more heavenly to partake.

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