5 of the Best Culinary Escapes in the UK

London pic

Love food? For sure, you will love the UK! It is home to some of the best culinary destinations in the world. You will surely have a memorable holiday not only because your eyes will enjoy wonderful sights, but also because your stomach will be in for a treat. Be ready to indulge in a gastronomic journey and your taste buds will definitely thank you!


This is city that is well loved by foodies, not only because of its large selection of Michelin-starred restaurants, but because of having excellent food in general. Even if you are on a budget, expect that you will be spoiled for choices. Some of the British foods that you should order include pie and mash, fish and chips, Sunday roast, Yorkshire pudding, and Full English breakfast. Treat yourself as well for a traditional afternoon tea.


Like London, this is a destination with diverse selection of Michelin-star restaurants. There are seven cities in Yorkshire, each with the promise of taking you in a culinary journey. From local dishes to international cuisine, the options on where to eat will be almost endless. When in Bradford, The Grouse Inn and Prashad are two of the places that should not be missed. Meanwhile, when in Hull, Tapasya is a good destination for those who love Indian food. If you want classic European dishes, head to The Grill Room in York. If you enjoy cooking, why not take turns cooking for each other in a large holiday home in Yorkshire.


Regardless of what is it that you want to eat, Bray in Ireland can offer something that you will surely not forget. From cheap eateries to fine dining establishments, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the abundance of the choices. If you love pizza, make sure to visit Platform Pizza. Make sure to book early as it can easily get full, especially during the peak season. The Harbour Bar, which has been once dubbed by the Lonely Planet as the Best Bar in the World, will also be worth checking out. For seafood feast, meanwhile, head over to Barracuda.


This is a destination that is famous for its cross-cultural cuisine, which means that this is going to offer something for everyone. While there are many Michelin-star restaurants, one of the places that should not be missed is Timberyard, a restaurant that is known for using the finest local produce in their ingredients. If you are on a budget, Field is a restaurant that serves high-end meals at prices that will surely be easy on the wallet. If you really want to make the most of your trip, you could rent a castle or stately home for your group to stay in.


Being located near the seaside, this is another destination that is perfect for a gastronomic feast, especially for people who love fresh seafood. One place that you should check is 64 Degrees, which is known for its innovative menu. The menu changes depending on what is available for the season. The Coal Shed is also a popular choice, which is known for their farm to table concept, providing you with the assurance that each dish is made with the use of the freshest ingredients that are available.