3 Ways Weather Alert Systems Help Airports Prepare for Bad Weather



The travel industry is affected by weather like no other. Severe conditions can delay departures, cancel flights, and even cause injuries. Thankfully, modern airports have methods of dealing with nature. Below are 3 ways weather alert systems help airports prepare for bad weather.

Increasing Efficiency

A lightning alert system can help airports make smart decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute data. Without such a system, decision-makers may think a storm is approaching when in fact it is moving in the opposite direction. They may also misjudge its severity. Lightning alerts can eliminate false alarms regarding weather and keep airlines on schedule. Pilots know exactly when to take off and when to land safely and in a timely manner.

Enhancing Safety


The most important job of a weather alert system at an airport is to keep passengers and employees safe. Flight crews and passengers are usually tucked safely away inside buildings or grounded planes. Air traffic controllers and baggage carriers, however, are often exposed on the outdoor tarmac. Weather alert systems warn them when lightning or high winds are expected, so they can find a safe place to ride out the severe conditions.

Additionally, pilots and other airline personnel use weather alert systems to delay departure or arrival if dangerous conditions are nearby. Planes may become difficult to handle in extreme weather. An early warning keeps both people inside the plane and ground crew safe from the dangers of rough handling.

Saving Money

A weather alert system gives airports real-time access to weather data. Having knowledge about an impending storm’s severity and length allows decision-makers to change flight times and give pilots the go-ahead as soon as it is safe to depart or land. This optimizes business operations and avoids unnecessarily grounding planes or canceling flights due to extreme caution, ultimately leading to lost income.

Every airport can benefit from a weather alert system. Talk to the experts at Earth Networks to upgrade your current system and keep your travelers safe. Call (877) 882-1397 today.