3 Types of Traditional Food and Drink to Request at Your Morocco Accommodation


From the windward-shaped dunes of the Sahara desert to the narrow and busy souks of Marrackech, Morocco is without a doubt one hell of an exotic tourist destination. It has been said that getting lost while exploring the bustling maze of this country is an adventure itself and also a way to unleash your inner nomad.

One of the many ways to unveil the beauty of this enchanting country is to travel by foot or take a stride using bicycles. Each region in Morocco has something spectacular to offer. Aside from the natural eccentric beauty nestled in the vessels of Moroccan geography, it is also a haven of a rich and diverse culinary element.

If you are planning a trip to Morocco, here are some of the traditional food and drinks that you need to request to the concierge of your accommodation, courtesy of Maroc Lodge.


The very first meal that you should try upon stepping into your hotels is their most famous traditional delicacy – couscous. This traditional Berber delicacy of semolina is practically cooked by steaming. However, cooking couscous is such a delicate task because it can only be a good kind of couscous if it’s light and fluffy in texture.

It can be served with beef or any kinds of meat and a variety of fresh vegetable stew spooned over it.


These are small Moroccan pastries stuffed with a variety of fillings, such as meat, vegetables or a mix of both seasoned with Moroccan indigenous spices and then fried to perfection. Briouats are delicately wrapped with a warqa – a crisp, paper-thin traditional Moroccan pastry using an almond paste flavored with orange flower water. After these have been fried, they are soaked with the richness of honey.

This very tasty stuffed pastry is usually served as a finger food or an appetizer. However, it can also be substituted for an entrée.

Lamb Tajine

Tajine is actually traditional cooking instrument formed entirely of natural that is naturally glazed for a more classical color. Traditional Moroccan dishes are commonly cooked on a flat and circular tajine over a burning charcoal. Traditional tajine dish involves sliced meat, vegetables, savory sauce and even fruit are mixed in a tajine in a slow heat to cook.

Moroccan Mint Tea

Almost every Moroccan meal is paired with a cup of flavoured peppermint tea. This isn’t just simple kind of tea because these are cultivated in the region of Maghreb. What is so special about Moroccan mint tea? The spirit of these teas enlivens one’s soul upon smelling it right after it is poured from a teapot.


Take a walk past a cafe in a hotel, and you will see coffee aficionado taking their time over a shot of espresso. Included in their menu is what they call nus-nus, a local favorite that is made from half-half of milk and coffee. Women are usually seen sipping this drink more than men because of a more subtle taste.

Asseer del Rumman

Asseer del Rumman is one of the most refreshing drink in Morocco. It comes from the juices of pressed pomegranate and orange blossom water. These are usually served during a heavy meal like a tajine of lambs and couscous.

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